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Role of Health Care Assistant in Ireland Essay Sample

In this piece of writing, we shall discuss the “Role of Health Care Assistant in Ireland“. Broadly, the roles and responsibilities of healthcare assistants  (HCA’s) in Ireland are varied. Mostly, the health care assistants in Ireland work with the nurses. But, their job is to lend a helping hand to the doctors as well.

Role of Health Care Assistant in Ireland Essay Sample

If you are aspiring to become HCA in Ireland, then this article will help you in developing a better understanding of this job profile. Also, further in this handout, we shall be highlighting the functions and the major roles of the health care assistants in Ireland.

Healthcare Assistant in Ireland: Duties and Responsibilities

Precisely, the HCA’s in Ireland can work as full- time employees or temporarily. The roles and responsibilities of an HCA in Ireland hospitals and nursing homes include:

  1. Taking care of the patients like helping them with meals
  2. Changing the bedsheets in the hospitals
  3. Performing the basic checks such as temperature, blood pressure
  4. Keeping eye on the glucose bottles and changing them from time to time.
  5. Helping the patient to sit in a wheelchair
  6. Carrying him for the tests and examinations.

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Role of Health Care Assistant in Ireland: During Surgery

These duties are to be done by a Health Care Assistant in Ireland in general practice. But, while assisting in the operation, the HCA has to:

  1. Take a sample of the patient, for example, the blood samples
  2. Perform the basic checks of temperature and blood pressure
  3. Sterilize the tools in the O.T.
  4. Helping the patient become comfortable
  5. Communicating with the patient.
  6. Encouraging them by building positivity.

Role of the health care assistant in providing care for an older person:

Evidently, people belonging to an older age group require much more care and support. Thus, the duties of HCA towards old age people involve the following points:

  • Assuring comfort to the old patients
  • Helping them walk by giving support
  • Help the patients in eating food
  • Performing regular blood pressure and temperature checks
  • Encouraging them and building positivity.

What is the qualification required to become HCA in Ireland?

There is no undergraduate or postgraduate degree required to become an HCA. In fact, the HCA aspirant should be aware of general mathematics and should possess good English speaking skills. Also, the one pursuing a nursing course ( QQI courses) and a FETAC level 5 qualified shall have a better chance.

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In the end, we shall stress the fact that a Health Care assistant should be a compassionate person and friendly in nature. He is expected to take care of the patients in nursing homes or hospitals. So, the role and responsibilities of an HCA are diverse.

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