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Promoting Positive Ageing Ireland Sample Essay

Positive Ageing is a very important perspective in the lives of the elderly section of society. Not much stress is laid on the health and substantial care of the older chunk. The approach to Positive Ageing is to grow old in a healthy way in Ireland. That is to say, to age beautifully. “Age” affects the overall development of a person. It ranges from mental to the physical, emotional, and social well-being of an individual. Health Care has a major role to play in Positive aging. In fact, there are countless strategies framed in Ireland to promote Positive Ageing Attitudes in elderly people. Hence, here we shall discuss “Health Care Assistant Promoting Positive Attitudes to Ageing”

Promoting Positive Ageing Ireland Sample Essay

Positive Attitudes to Ageing: Meaning

As a person grows and turns older, he needs support and assistance. Now, this support is related to health care, emotional help, aid on a social front, etc. Thus, once a person incorporates a few important add-ons to his routine he/ she can develop a positive attitude toward aging. Moreover, the approach of a positive attitude to aging caters to the idea of healthy living. the health care assistants and the health workers need to understand the older person’s care settings needs.

For students, pursuing QQI level 5 and level 6 courses in Ireland in the field of healthcare and nursing, practicing compassionate care techniques toward patients can be fruitful.

Role of Healthcare Assistants In Promoting Positive Ageing Attitude:

The positive Ageing concept can be closely linked to the health care sector. Health care assistants play a significant role in building positive attitudes among elder people. In fact, along with the other roles of a health care assistant, a vital aspect is to take up an initiative for the positive and healthy aging of older people.

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Positive Ageing Strategies:

The government of Ireland has come up with certain strategies for developing positive aging. Also, positive aging can be adopted in the following ways:

  • By developing a habit of Regular Exercise:” A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Therefore, people who are 50 and above should include exercise in their daily regime.
  • What we eat is what we reflect. Eating healthy is a must. So, the older generation must restrict eating unhealthy food. More green vegetables and fruits can help them remain fit.
  • Indulging in fun activities helps in watching life from a different angle. There are several old age clubs that elderly people can join.
  • Say no to Self- Isolation. Generally, old people cut off themselves from society and tend to isolate themselves especially when one of their partners has gone. This should be a strict NO. In such cases, children and grandchildren can turn out to be a great support.

How can HCA support Positive Ageing Strategies:

The health care assistants, and nurses can play an essential role in including positive aging strategies while treating the patients. Also, the role of a healthcare assistant in providing care for an older person includes a lot of things. The HCA can provide emotional support to the aging patients, this will help in establishing a healthy relationship between carer and patient. In some special cases like while treating Alzheimer’s patients, health care assistants can deal with empathy and calmness.

Moreover, paying attention and listening to the patient can relieve the sufferer. HCA can teach the patients the importance of a good healthy, balanced diet, the need for nutrition, and many more important aspects of healthy living. The importance of an HCA in taking care of a patient is an extremely important topic. The worth of this can be understood from the fact that this very topic is included in the QQI level5 and 6 modules. Also, learners have to do care skills assignment writing, care skills QQI  level 5 assignments based on the topic.

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