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In this article, we shall be sharing with you the minute details of writing Observation Report for Care Support. Before beginning, it is important to understand the answer to the questions that, How do you write an Observation Report? What is the format of Observation Report writing? What are the key features that one should include in the Observation Report Writing?

Now, If you are pursuing Care Skills course in Ireland, which is one of the QQI and FETAC level courses, then you will be writing an observation report for your college assessments. For that, you need to be well aware of its basic writing rules.

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Observation Report Writing: Purpose and Need

Precisely, let us begin by taking an example. Now, as a person from care support, you are asked to work with a client with some minor mental disability. Thus, you will be asked to observe the client for 3-4 days and jot down the observations and recordings for each day.  To begin with, you must be ready with a detailed execution plan and work accordingly. Observation should involve the behaviour of the client, past life history, present actions, challenges faced etc.

Therefore, when you work in this way you can treat the person in a better way. Moreover, it helps to establish a healthy relationship between you and your client. Making it easier for you to proceed.

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Different types of Observation Skills:

Furthermore, depending upon types of patients/ clients, different observation skill can be put into use. These involve using sensory skills, visual observation, understanding the body language, questioning the client. Therefore, you can make good use of all these abilities in writing an apt observation report.

How do You Write an Observation Report Sample for Care Support? The Method

For the students performing observation writing, it is beneficial to involve critical thinking during observation. Also, u need to adapt to the exact and correct references, this will draw you bonus points in the evaluation. Now, the following are the steps of writing the observation Report:

  1. Start with mentioning about the client. His/her details, life history, present condition, which medicines is he/she put on? etc.
  2. Secondly, mention about the difficulties that the client is facing presently in context with the details mentioned in the first point.
  3. Noting down the areas of improvement and the domains in which your client is confident.
  4. Write the suggestions that you think would be beneficial for future for the person under your observation.
  5. Most importantly, writing the learning’s that you draw from the entire experience.

Some important topics for observation report writing are Physical disabilities, Emotional challenges, lack of communication, social segregation etc.

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What are the different type of observation techniques:

Observation techniques and methods are countless. Also, some of them are reflective essay writing, writing learner records, using pictures, sampling of events, short stories, observations through social interactions called “sociograms” etc.

Observation Report Sample for Care Support: Checklist

Maintaining a checklist for observation report creation helps to deal with the patient/ client in a better way. Anything that is missed out in observations, can be re-entered after seeing the checklist. So, there are a lot of advantages of maintaining an observation report checklist. Some of the key considerations of  the checklist are:

  • Action and Execution Plan
  • Defining the purpose of Observation
  • Mentioning the symptoms of the client clearly
  • What is the Care Plan
  • Techniques and medications used
  • On Learning’s

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Thus, summarizing the above points. The observation report must include the details mentioned in the above paragraphs. Also, if you are facing any problem in observation report writing then, you can contact our writers. We at “Ireland assignment help” provide help in writing assignments, writing skill demonstration. Proofreading services are available. We are a team of expert, professional writers who can help you in writing an observation report on care support also. Moreover, the perk here is that our charges are very affordable.

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