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Types of Disabilities and Conditions – Short Essay on Disabled person

Disabilities reduce a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day activities and can affect individuals in different ways. The conditions that are present at birth and affect body functions later in life can be related to disabilities. Types of severe disabilities include mobility, vision, behavior, and cognition areas. Individuals with disabilities are not able to perform routine daily activities like recreational activities, social activities, and engaging in physical activities. The students of Ireland have to research in-depth about the causes and types of disabilities. However, if they are not able to prepare a perfect essay on their own, then they can take help from assignment writers.

Some individuals with disabilities are capable of living independently, whereas some require a proper level of care and support. Disabilities can be caused due to various health conditions and environmental factors. People with developmental special needs require assistance to communicate in different ways, and healthcare providers can motivate them to achieve more independence. The students of Ireland can focus on essay writing sample for preparing an impressive essay.

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Different categories of Disabilities – Short Essay paper

  • Physical and mobility impairments:

Generally, physical impairment includes people with upper limb disability, lower limb disability, and manual dexterity. Types of physical disabilities can be either inborn or developed with the age factor. Some physical disabilities involve less pain, while some involve extreme pain.

  • Cognitive disability:

People with learning or physical disabilities have less capacity to learn various tasks. Even such individuals are incapable of performing different tasks effectively. Characteristics of different disabilities can make it difficult for an individual to communicate, read, write, and many more. However, people suffering from cognitive impairments are often creative and productive.

  • Psychiatric disability:

It refers to mental illness, which can develop at any age. The community misunderstands such disabilities, and attitudes of people are based on myth. Types of physical and health impairment can involve depression, stress-related conditions, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and many more. Depression is one of the standard health-related conditions which feature the loss of contact with reality and responsible for various other problems.

  • Neurological disability:

The damage to the nervous system can cause neurological impairment. It results in the loss of some mental as well as physical functions. Disabilities in children can affect the capacity to move or manipulate things or express their feelings. Moreover, the brain and spine are two crucial areas of the body which are close to neurology. Lack of oxygen to the brain, heart attacks, and even severe infections can result in neurological disability.

  • Vision disability:

Vision disability refers to people who have partial vision or completely blind. These disabilities including examples of handicap can be caused by numerous factors like accidents, disease, and congenital illnesses. There is quite a difference between the needs of blind individuals and visually impaired people.

  • Hearing disability:

Hearing loss and deafness are not the same terms. It means it is different between people who have a hearing impairment and those who are deaf. However, both can be caused by various factors like disease during pregnancy, physical damage, or experiencing loud noises.

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Sample on caring for a disabled person essay

Title: How can sensory disabilities affect an individual’s learning skills?

Sensory disabilities include hearing impairment, vision impairment, and ASD. Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to lifelong developmental disability, which can affect the individual way of interacting. The different categories of disabilities can affect communication skills and raise difficulties in social interaction for the individual.

The person who has sensory disability finds trouble in receiving and responding to information. It shows that individuals misinterpret sensory information, such as movement, touch, and sound. Thus, people with sensory impairments are oversensitive to their surroundings, which affects their day-to-day interactions and hence the development of learning skills.

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