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Clinical Judgment and Decision Making Essay Sample Ireland

This essay is all about an evaluation of the cognitive continuum theories and spotting revisions that are essential to implement clinical judgment as also decisions making within the nursing domain.

The nurses that work in various clinics and hospitals in Ireland develop as well as use clinical judgments. The international classifications of nursing practices have provisions where nurses should develop and use clinical judgments.

Clinical Judgment and Decision Making Essay Sample

The cognitive continuum theories are known to develop complementary viewpoints to decision theories in a format that is accessible. Such formats are very much used in medicines. Nursing scholars encourage the use of such formats to boost the effectiveness of the nursing professional’s decision-making and clinical judgments.

This essay allows the audience to know more about clinical judgment and decision making and it also helps the readers to learn about the methods that are used for clinical judgments and decision making. The essay write-up also discusses the findings of the cognitive continuum theories.

What are clinical judgment and decision-making in nursing?

Clinical judgment implies the ways and means that nursing professionals utilize to know and understand the issues, problems, and concerns of patients.

The objective of the clinical judgment is that the nurses can better cater to the needs and requirements of the patients, and provide patient care effectively. Clinical judgment and decision-making in the nursing context are the thought processes as also the strategies that are used by the nursing professionals to comprehend the data and select between alternatives as far as understanding patient issues.

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Clinical judgment and decision-making also include carrying out the diagnosis (nursing) and finding out the interventions and outcomes of nursing. Clinical judgment and decision-making are important as it is considered as one of the indispensable things in professional nursing practice.

Clinical judgment and decision-making are vital for setting up a professional nursing identity and it is based on the know-how and experience of the nurses, the reasoning, critical thinking, intuition, and practice skills of the nurses.

It is important that nurses working within an Irish clinical setup develop clinical judgment and clinical decision-making skills so that nursing becomes more effective.

What is cognitive continuum theory?

The previous section of the essay discusses the importance of clinical judgment and decision-making within the nursing domain.

This section of the essay discusses cognitive continuum theories that provide information on how to make the decision-making processes in nursing effective.

The cognitive continuum theory also abbreviated as CCT is a model of human decision-making that aims to steer the decision-making processes. CCT is often used in the context of nursing and it has huge potential in enhancing the understanding of individual health practitioners, and inter-professional teams about various clinical decision making and clinical judgment processes.

In this context, it is important to add that Parse’s structures and processes criteria are utilized while critiquing the importance of the cognitive continuum theories of nursing. The findings of the cognitive continuum theories are elaborated in the subsequent sections of the essay.

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Findings of the cognitive continuum theories

Cognitive continuum theories are very much useful in the context of nursing. The CCT illustrates how separate judgment tasks can be executed using separate thought processes and how matching a judgment task with a specific thought process can result in optimization in decision making.

However, the prevalent modes of inquiry that are used in medicine stress experimental research, and they are known to ignore various alternative approaches that are utilized in nursing. The cognitive continuum theory is being refined by researchers in this field.

A more revised version of this theory includes examples of many nursing judgments as also decisions. It also includes broader evidence bases, ethical dimensions, and competence criteria that can be assessed and evaluated.

Significance of cognitive continuum theories

The revised cognitive continuum theories help to promote awareness about the nature as well as the variety of judgment tasks and decisions making that are patient-centered.

The CCT also assists in making decisions as far as choosing the most useful intervention tactic from a range of options. It also discusses the uncertainties about various types of human judgment from experiment or intuitive to rational or analytic.

The CCT is often utilized as a tool for academic purposes. It is also used as a guide for practice to simplify theory developments as also judgment practice and decision making in nursing.

This is a limited word essay and to know more about clinical judgment and decision making in nursing in Ireland it is recommended that you visit relevant resources that are available online.

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