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Impact of Covid-19 on education in Ireland

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has left Ireland and the rest of the world in shock. The impact of Covid-19 on education is the strongest. The students and teachers are facing many issues related to academics. While the doctors are struggling to discover vaccines the education ministry has decided to continue the learning process in another form. The country is facing complete closure of the schools since 12th march 2020.

In this article, experts are discussing the impact of Covid-19 on education in Ireland.

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1. Closure of Educational Institutes

The Covid-19 is a transmissible disease. The doctors have issued guidelines to avoid getting affected. Some general guidelines are staying away from public places, avoid social gatherings, keep washing hands, and cover your face with a mask. So the educational institutes are prone to transfer the virus as the gatherings and surface touch is very common in such places. Sitting on chairs in classrooms, gate handle, water points, washroom, stairs railing, lift buttons, etc. There are countless ways in which the virus can get transferred easily. This is why the educational institute remained closed until further notice.

2. Online learning

Now as the Educational institutes are closed, the learning process must go on. The classes and assignment system is being shifted to online platforms. The teachers are taking online classes through various platforms. The students can attend the classes while sitting at their homes. This is the best practice as the social distance is maintained as per the guidelines. The students need to have a device (computer or smart device) and a stable internet connection. In a survey, 94% of the students in Ireland have said that they are using a combination of textbooks and digital books. 79% of the students have reported that they haven’t faced any problem while learning online.

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3. Teachers trying to make an effective presentation

When it was asked, the teachers in Dublin said that it is difficult for them to prepare the presentations of the students. The teachers are making presentations that can be accessed by their official website.

4. Closure of childcare education institutes

The parents in Ireland are facing many problems due to the closed of childcare education institutes. They are forced to work from home while taking care of their infants.

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5. Lack of devices and internet

38% of the students in Ireland said that they were already using technology and devices in their learning. On the other hand, 39% of the students said that they are facing a problem with a stable internet connection. The instability is causing hindrance in their online learning & taking online exams.

The teachers in Ireland said they are feeling useless because of this pandemic. The students from rural areas are not being able to access lectures and classes. The other students are not being able to understand the topics through online classes. This Pandemic surely has a great impact on education in Ireland and has left every to innovate new learning ways.

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