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Impact of Education on Cognition and Health Essay Sample 

This essay sample shall discuss the impact of education on mental cognition and health, impact of education on the wellbeing of young children in Ireland.

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Education plays a very important and consistent role in the cognitive mind and health of a person as grows into an adult. The cognitive development of a person in his adulthood is a reflection of the early childhood education environment.

Early education helps children to acquire knowledge, skills, and interests which shapes their mind, personality, and physical health.

When one invests time in education in childhood and early adulthood it expands the career opportunities of the person which results in higher salaries, status, and growth. This boosts the health and longevity of a person’s life.

Role of education and intellectual activity on the cognition

A person who attains a higher level of education secures a better financial position in life as his cognitive work performance level is better than others.

Such a person who is pursuing higher education has to study a lot to prepare for the exams and to also get a better understanding of subjects which involves a lot of mental work or exercise.

Hence, it can be concluded that such a person will have reduced chances of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other forms of mental health disorder.

Educational experiences lead to better intellectual stimulation in the life of a person which results in improved cognitive function.

A greater level of education leads to active participation in other cognitive and physical activities which turns out to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It has also been found through various research that activities such as playing chess, speeding games, racing, and reading books engage a person physically and emotionally enhancing the cognitive development of a person and social abilities.

While leisure activities like lying down on the couch idle for the whole day, watching television, and risky habits can increase the risk of low cognitive development.

People with low education usually chooses nonintellectual and less challenging activities because they do not like to exercise their minds and their intellectual choices are of low level.

Impact of education on the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Ireland 

The Department of Education and Skills in Ireland recognizes the importance of wellbeing which includes a state of mind that is usually stress-free and not affected much by negative thoughts.

PISA in 2018 reported that almost 61% of the students in Ireland are satisfied with their life but the rest are suffering due to high anxiety levels, depression, and other forms of mental health distress.

The self-reported case of depression is 13.8% and anxiety is 23.7% and 12.7% reported poor mental health and wellbeing.

Most of the people who are vulnerable to mental health issues are either young children or adolescents.

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Children suffering from the anxiety disorder due to pressure of examinations and schoolwork load

The children in Ireland are much prone to suffer from anxiety due to high levels of school-related work and timely submission of home assignments.

Children feel extremely burdened with school workload as they find less time for playing with friends and spending time with family.

There is an average score of anxiety amongst 15-year-old Irish student is much higher than the OECD average.

44.8% of the teenagers in Ireland have reported that they feel extremely stressed to sit for the state examinations. 51.6% fear the outcome or result of the examination as they have the fear of failing. 43.1% felt nervous and stressed the moment they think about attempting an exam.

The number of mental health problems reported for young people in Ireland is very alarming.

Students due to school workload and examination pressure feel severe anxiety (23.9%) and depression (13.8%). The female students experience a higher level of school-related anxiety and exam-related stress than males.

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The above sample mentions the impact of education on the cognition, health, and wellbeing of a person. This sample will be very beneficial for the Healthcare, Childcare, Education, well-being, and for the Careskills students.

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