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MN204 Introduction To Management Information Systems Assignment Example Maynooth University Ireland

Information systems and information technology are used by modern organizations to solve a variety of problems. These courses will equip you with the knowledge needed for effective management in these environments, as well as teaching strategies that can be tailored specifically to your needs within a business or industry setting.

This course is centered around the fundamental premise that information technology has a critical role in providing organizations with strategic advantage by facilitating problem-solving, increasing productivity and quality of products or services offered to customers as well as increasing their speed. In addition, it can help improve customer service while also enhancing communication between team members throughout your business process if needed!

Assessment Answers of Introduction To Management Information Systems (MN204)

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
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On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the basic concepts of Management Information Systems and Information Technology

In Management Information Systems, IT refers to the computer-oriented activities of an organization including the development of applications and information systems, as well as support for their operation, maintenance, and security. The term MIS is often used interchangeably with IT. MIS is the branch of management concerned with information technology. It focuses on organizing, planning, and controlling activities that relate to IT systems in an organization.

The term Management Information Systems refers to the collection of computer-based tools used by managers for making better business decisions, which are primarily decision support tools, online analytical processing (OLAP) tools, data warehouses, and computerized transaction processing systems (CTPS).

IT usually also encompasses a wider range of administration or technical jobs involving hardware or software support or management tasks. It might include system administration tasks such as storage replication and server upgrades. It would also include people who provide phone tech support to users of the product(s) they develop/support under contract from higher-level employees of a company.

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Assignment Activity 2: Discuss how different types of information technologies support the operations of business organizations and enable their competitiveness in different industries:

There are different types of information technologies that support the operations of business organizations and enable their competitiveness in different industries. The following are some of these technologies:

  • Information Systems: Information systems facilitate the development of databases, documentation, and communication. Companies use information systems to store data which is used as a reference to make decisions related to daily operations such as checking inventory levels, managing human resources, and facilitating production.
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP): OLTP commonly refers to computerized systems that support the processing of financial transactions. It is used to keep track of sales, orders, and payments.
  • Management information systems (MIS): MIS provides senior managers with the reports they need to make strategic decisions about the direction of their business.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM is a system that allows companies to manage their customer interactions and data. It helps businesses to improve customer service, increase sales and retain customers.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM): The supply chain refers to the entire network of an organization’s suppliers, manufacturers, freight carriers, and retailers. SCM is a system used in managing all these sectors. It consists of three major components: information management systems, manufacturing management systems, and inventory management systems.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): ERP is a type of information technology that supports the processes of a company from procurement to production to sales and delivery. It aims to promote business growth through process integration. Examples include SAP, Oracle Financials, and PeopleSoft.
  • Business Intelligence (BI): BI refers to an organization’s ability to gather, share and use information as a strategic advantage in making well-informed decisions. It includes the use of data mining, reporting, and analysis tools.

The different types of information technologies mentioned above play a crucial role in the competitiveness of business organizations in different industries. They help businesses to store data, process financial transactions, manage customer interactions, track supplier and manufacturer networks, and make well-informed decisions. Without these technologies, businesses would be at a disadvantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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Assignment Activity 3: Critically assess how new digital technologies are creating opportunities and threats for established firms and new start-ups

New digital technologies are creating both opportunities and threats for established firms and new start-ups. New start-ups can use digital technologies to provide innovative products and services for customers. On the other hand, established firms can also take advantage of new technologies to improve their operations. For example, they could invest more resources into developing e-commerce sites that allow them to sell their products directly to customers online. However, this could also lead to the displacement of traditional jobs as firms move towards automation. Businesses need to assess the advantages and disadvantages of new digital technologies to make informed decisions about their future.

The opportunities that these technologies present to existing firms are that they can create a more efficient business model, providing online access to consumers as well as implementing direct-to-customer sales. They can also improve the customer relationship management process. Digital technologies are also creating new business opportunities by providing data services to other firms, allowing them to collect information about consumers to provide better products and services. New start-ups can use digital technologies to develop innovative products that would complement well with the existing market demand for products and services. They can also use digital technologies to develop systems that are able to manage business complexities and improve the efficiency of their operations, which can be difficult for a new start-up.

The threats that these technologies present to businesses are that they may lead to a decline in sales as consumers shift their spending towards technology products and services. They may also lead to a decline in labor satisfaction as employees have less contact with customers; this is especially true for B2C service providers where customers can choose not to interact with an employee.

Assignment Activity 4: Describe the ethical and social issues associated with the use of contemporary Information Systems in organizations and the society

The ethical and social issues associated with the use of contemporary information systems in organizations and society are vast. Some of these issues include data privacy, information security, data breaches, cybercrime, employee monitoring, and computer misuse. Businesses need to be aware of these issues and take steps to mitigate the risks associated with them.

For example, businesses should have a data privacy policy in place that outlines how they will protect the personal information of their customers. They should also have an information security policy in place that outlines how they will protect their systems from cyberattacks. Employees should be trained on how to use the information systems safely and responsibly, and employers should monitor their use of the information systems for violations of acceptable use policies.

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The assignment example discussed above is based on MN204 Introduction To Management Information Systems.

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