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MSNUPOTFAD Nursing Perioperative Care – MSc Assignment Sample Ireland

Perioperative care is the care that is rendered to patients in hospitals or clinics post-surgery. Such type of care includes preoperative evaluation. It also includes care offered to the patients in surgical wards, outpatient clinics, recovery rooms, and operating departments. Perioperative care also incorporates post-anesthetic care.

MSNUPOTFAD Nursing Perioperative Care - MSc Assignment Sample Ireland

There are three different phases of perioperative nursing and these phases are 1) preoperative, 2) intraoperative and 3) postoperative. When the term peri-operative is utilized then it encompasses all the three phases taken together. Perioperative nursing implies nursing at all these three phases.

Many students in Ireland who want to pursue the nursing course are required to register with a course titled MSNUPOTFAD. This course is a full-time course and its duration is 2 years. The award associated with the course is an MSc degree. The course type is very much flexible.

Often it is taught to the students by professionals. The course offers knowledge about Perioperative nursing to Irish students.

This assignment sample highlights the aims and objectives of the course. It also discusses the learning outcomes that are associated with the course.

The objective of the MSNUPOTFAD Nursing Perioperative Care course 

The course on Perioperative care that is offered to Irish students has the objective of providing registered nurses who are skilled in providing high-quality Perioperative care nursing to the patients.

An important goal of this course is to prepare the nurses for challenges for delivering and leading specialist or advanced levels of Perioperative care. After learning the course the nursing students get the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge as also competencies in Perioperative care nursing. Successful completion of the one-year graduate diploma course helps the nursing students to apply or work as clinical nursing specialists.

Successful completion of the 2 years graduate (MSc) helps the students to apply or work as advanced nursing practices. The course titled MSNUPOTFAD also provides opportunities to do research activities to augment practice in nursing.

This specially designed nursing program also allows the nurses to do critical thinking, develop reflective skills at the advanced or specialist practice levels. Perioperative care nursing develops professional qualities with a good level of competencies in promoting excellence, delivering advanced nursing practices.

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Learning outcomes of MSNUPOTFAD Nursing Perioperative Care course 

This section of the assignment sample discusses the various learning outcomes that a student of nursing comes to know after studying the course.

Examine the best practices in meeting various peri-operative care requirements of surgical patients.

The students after studying the course can know about various peri-operative care needs. They can also learn about the best practices that are needed to deliver perioperative care nursing to surgical patients.

Evaluating the philosophical theories and concepts also evidences while promoting peri-operative care nursing to patients.

Some certain philosophical theories and concepts are associated with perioperative care nursing. The course allows the nursing students to comprehend these nursing theories.

Showcase knowledge and competencies of present-day nursing skills in evaluating and managing patients within peri-operative environments.

In recent times nursing uses modern and updated technology. The nurses are expected to know these technologies. The course highlights the knowledge, skills, and competencies of modern nurses working within peri-operative environments.

Use critical thinking abilities and skills as also ethical decisions making needed for advancing nursing practice.

In nursing often the professionals are required to make decisions that allow them to deliver quality services properly. The course in context helps the learners to utilize skills and abilities in decision making as far as Perioperative care nursing is concerned.

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Highlight proficiency in writing, verbally, as well as by using digital communication, at individual or collaborative levels.

The nurses in Ireland require taking notes about the patient’s health status, the drugs that are required to be administered to them. For that, the nurses are required to have good verbal and written communication skills. They are also required to have good digital communication skills at an individual or collaborative level.

Examine the different values of collaboration at a multidisciplinary level while providing quality and safe as also evidenced-based nursing care (Peri-operative care).

There is often more than one discipline involved in nursing care. The nursing professionals are required to collaborate to deliver quality services to the patients. The course in context helps the students and learners the various values of collaborations that are needed at a multidisciplinary level.

Review modern developments and innovations in leading as also managing changes within perioperative practices.

Perioperative nursing practices have changed significantly in recent years because of innovations and technological developments. The course in context sheds light on that.

Showcase a proper understanding of various research processes that are associated with Perioperative nursing.

Perioperative nursing practices often involve researches. The course allows the learners to know the different research processes that are associated with this type of nursing.

Highlight commitment to learning and simultaneously fostering self-evaluation and self-development.

Mere learning is not sufficient to become skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to Perioperative nursing care. The students or learners reading the course can also engage in self-development and self-evaluation.

Feature responsibilities for professional and personal development within advanced perioperative care.

The nursing professionals are responsible for certain tasks within the advanced Perioperative care for personal and professional developments. After learning the course the nursing professionals come to know about the same.

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Use thinking as also reflective skills in advancing and promoting various perioperative practices.

The course in context (titled MSNUPOTFAD) teaches the students and learners to know the reflective skills that are required to promote or advance Perioperative practices.

Acknowledge the contributions of researches in advancing and informing practices in a peri-operative setting.

The course also allows the learners to stay updated on practices within a Perioperative environment using the outcomes of researches in Perioperative nursing.

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