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Role of nurse caring for chest infection patient admitted in the hospital Essay Sample

This essay sample shall discuss the role of nurse and care services provided by him to the patient who is suffering from a chest infection. It will also mention the diagnose of chest infection symptoms.

A nurse or a student persuing nursing plays a very important role in the controlling and spread of disease in a patient and amongst the other staff and patients.

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Some of them have special training in infection control and pulmonary function. So, only these nursing staffs can work in a highly contagious zone.

Such nurses have the social responsibility of public health and safety specialists in this Covid 19 pandemic year.

An infection control nurse adopts the best practices to avoid the spread of diseases and viruses and keeps such patients in an isolated area of the health care unit. They also work in collaboration with other health care agency, health experts and scientists.

Role of infection control nurse in relation to chest infection patient 

Such specialised nursing staff whether a pulmonary respiratory nurse or an infection control nurse they both have to be responsible with such vulnerable patients.

If they are not careful in handling such patients then there is also a risk of the outbreak of infection in other patients at the hospital.

  • Doing diagnostic tests of the patient if the case is serious.

Collection and gathering important information on chest infection and on the patient’s past record and family history.

This would help nurses in identifying the cause of such infection early and helps in suitable treatment.

  • Treatment of chest infection patient to be done by the nurse only in an isolated room as the disease is highly contagious.

The room must be hygienic and free of dust particles as chest and lung patients are very sensitive to dust.

  • Nurses must help chest infection patient to drink a lot of fluids as it would help him to keep the chest free from mucus.
  • A nursing carer provides the service of vapour and steam which helps in the lungs clearance. It thins down mucus and treatment of infection.
  • They also devise action plans to help the medical staff and doctors to mitigate the risk of infection outbreak in the hospital.
  • Nurses infuse vaccine if the patient has pneumonia infection or could administer prescribed medicines required for the treatment of the infection.
  • They also study various pathogens and viruses to be able to understand the origin and nature of the infection-causing illness. It helps in better handling of such patient and treatment.

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Diagnosis of chest infection symptoms in a patient by a nurse

  • A patient suffering from a chest infection has many symptoms like difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and heavy breathing. He also suffers from stiffness and pain in the chest, rapid heartbeat, chronic pain and high fever.

If the case is not serious then such a patient gets well within seven to ten days. If the case is of severe pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis then the patient needs to be admitted into the hospital.

  • Diagnosis of such symptoms is possible after a history of the patient’s family and his past medical records are checked.
  • Chest X rays, blood tests, sputum tests are done to identify infection.
  • Methods like Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy, ABGs/ pulse oximetry/ gram stain or cultures, CBC, Electrolytes can be used for effective diagnosis of infection.

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The above essay sample mentions the role of nurse caring for chest infection patient in a healthcare setting.

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