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Train the Trainer Critical Reflection Sample Ireland

This article is a Critical Reflection on my practice and development as a trainer while participating in Train the Trainer course. “Train the Trainer” course is a part of the FETAC level 6 courses offered in Ireland. There are several QQI courses offered in Ireland. To become a good trainer, one has to complete Train the Trainer module. After completing this module, a person is provided with a FETAC level 6 credit. In fact, that adds to the credit value required for the next level.

Now, the process of reflective writing involves describing the given situation, analyzing it, enlisting the learning outcomes. Thus, based upon the same structure I shall be discussing my entire experience of Train The Trainer Module.

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Train the Trainer Module: Introduction to Approach in Training

The person who wants to become a good trainer has to complete this module. Moreover, it is of utmost importance for wood be instructor or trainer to have a good hold over the teaching styles, methods, managing the training programs, planning sessions for students, etc. Thus, this module aims to teach the trainers and enable them with the techniques using which they can instruct the students in the future.

Also, this module marks its importance in providing the trainers, complete knowledge, and skill set with which they can acquire higher positions in the organizations they are working for.

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Reflection on Train the Trainer Course:


Now, the entire module of Train the Trainer is consists of small sections. The total time period is 30 days. for completing the entire module. The major objectives of the module are:

  • Providing knowledge regarding different teaching styles
  • Describing the concepts with a practical outlook
  • Imparting good communication skills
  • Assessing the difficulties and challenges in learning
  • Evaluation of the learning


The different parts of the module are:

  1. Learning Styles
  2. What are the processes of training and evaluation?
  3. Importance and Need for Training
  4. How to plan the sessions of training
  5. What can be done to make training an Engaging process
  6. Evaluation of methods of training.

Now, all the above parts of the module are divided according to days and importance. Also, for each section, to develop a better understanding of the concepts of training, we perform new activities. The description of one of the activities is as follows. The objective is to understand the challenges in learning and training programs. Also, what we can do to eradicate them.

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Activities Taken Up: Conducting a Group Discussion

The aspirants are divided into a group of 5. The first group has to discuss the topic” Challenges in Training and Learning”. Whereas, the second group has to discuss the topic” how can we overcome challenges of training”. Each of the participants is given 2 minutes to speak on the topic.


For me, the entire module of Train the Trainer is quite a learning. This module aims at developing the overall personality of the Trainer. In fact, it also helps the trainer to learn about the latest techniques and trends that we can adopt in teaching and training. The activities taken up at various stages are quite engaging. The complete program focuses on establishing a relationship between practical knowledge and the theory.

Moreover, we learn to work on the challenges and problems and come up with a new and better approach.

Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes of this module include developing concepts of training. Secondly, developing communication skills, and what are the prerequisites for good communication. Thirdly, the methods of training and key practices of adult learning. Also, identifying the need for education. Developing various exercises that are helpful in learning and training sessions. Lastly, evaluating the process of training including its objectives and determinants.

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To summarize, this article will help in writing a reflection and understanding the importance of the Train the Trainer module. Further, if you are pursuing any QQI courses in Ireland and need help for writing assignments, reflective essays, skill demonstration, learner records, you can contact our experts. we provide plagiarism-free content at a cost-effective price.

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