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Vocational Area Report For Irish Students

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Vocational Area Report Sample

To be well-versed with this topic understand what vocational area is. It is a course which is related to a particular career and is practical to do that rather than doing some academic course. This course gives you knowledge and skills about that career specifically. In this course, one can learn practical knowledge by gaining experience in that industry what a person is aiming for. You can work in the industry while learning and can also get work placement opportunities.

As a student, I chose to attend the vocational course in Nursing as I aimed to work as a vocational nurse. I always liked helping, caring, and interacting with people so that area sounded to be the best for my skills but I needed to have professional training on this.

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Who are Vocational Nurses?

Vocational nurses have licensed nurses who provide medical care to patients under the supervision of doctors. Their duties are giving injections, dressing wounds, bathing the patients, Taking blood and other samples, recording the signs, and many others directed by the doctors. After doing a course on vocational nursing one can work in medical facilities, clinics, agencies, education, and services or with patients directly who need help 24 hours due to their medical condition. So the designations can be a school nurse, home health nurse, mental health nurse, medical-surgical nurse, or more many.

Why was training important in Vocational Nursing?

I feel that to have a profession like vocational nurses need to understand the technicalities and the critical situational actions. Vocational nurses must take precautions on the job and be aware of communicable diseases from patients, harmful chemicals, and even physical injuries when moving patients. So it needs a lot of careful and professional work attitude.

I learned these specific skills while learning the course which helped me professionally. Te specific skills I learned areas such

  • Assisting physicians and RNs
  • Inserting Foley catheters
  • Injecting Nasogastric ducts
  • Phlebotomy
  • Taking vigorous signs
  • Data collection
  • Managing medication
  • Performing ECGs,
  • Monitoring the IV

I had to pass the vocational nurses exam which is administered by the National Council of Licensing of Ireland. Every student needed to pass in these subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • Microbiology
  • Nutrition
  • Medication administration

According to the labor bureau statistics, the career prospects in this field can grow 25 percent by 2025. My career after the vocational nursing course helped me to get a job in the city Medical Facility Ireland. Vocational nurses provide patients with basic medical care in a variety of health care settings. So as a vocational nurse I performed these duties.

  • Taking care of the patients
  • Doing all lab tests related to patient
  • Supervising clinical interventions
  • Medication Administration

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My experience

As a nursing student, I would say that with each rotation comes at least one remarkable experience that you cherish throughout your journey from student to professional nurse. And I learned the importance of joining a professional course so to work as a vocational nurse I developed some characteristics and did consistent work. Therefore, one needs to do these to be a vocational nurse.

  • To take training and guidance from the supervision.
  • Provides care for all who ask for the service in residents also.
  • There should be a genuine interest and passion for caring work.
  • Communicating effectively to all, the doctors, patients, and relatives
  • The person should be able to communicate with all levels people with calmness and patience.
  • There should be interest and willingness for participating in the training.
  • One should know all the legal aspects of health and safety.
  • Knowing and taking cautions for stopping the infections
  • The person should be able to handle all the work coming his/her way.
  • Care demands even personal care for eg. Bathing, Toileting, and care
  • One should respond to all bells and calls sharply on time and with politeness.
  • The accidents or some injuries related to patients should be reported to the senior on an immediate basis.
  • Respecting the confidentiality and self-esteem of the patients.
  • Should know all kinds of safety measures and safety doors.
  • Should take proper action on every complaint by the patient and relatives
  • There is the confidentiality of the hospital should be maintained.

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