Details of Abbey Vocational School, Donegal, Ireland

Abbey Vocational School, Donegal is a non-denominational vocational school in Ireland which is situated in Donegal city. This school is also known as Donegal Technical School and AVS. This is the largest schools in the town with almost 800 students. This school is located in the outskirts of the town and run by the Donegal Education and Training Board.

Abbey Vocational School provides a holistic education in a caring environment to develop values in every student. The school provides an education excellence programme and extra-curricular programme so every student can do their best in whatever they want to do, inside and outside the class and achieve to the best of their abilities.

The school provides a caring, safe and inclusive environment to its student where every student treated equally and reach to their potential and provides a meaningful and positive contribution to the society.

The curriculum offered by Abbey Vocational School:

The school offers a wide range of curriculum that is covered in various stages such as the Junior Certificate Cycle, transition year, Leaving Certificate Cycle, Leaving Certificate vocational, and Leaving Certificate Applied.

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Junior Cycle:

This is a first 3 year of a student in the school which is based on developing education learning, literacy and numeracy, and other relevant skills. A student studies a wide range of courses in this year such as ART Craft & Design, Coding, CSPE, Business Studies, Ancient Greek, Physical Education, SPHE, English, Irish, Mathematics, Classical Studies, Digital Media Literacy, Civil Social & Political Education, Artistic Performance, Chinese Language, French, Philosophy, Home Economics, Italian, History, German, Physical education, Jewish Studies, Science, Spanish, Music, Latin, Model Foreign Language, Technology, Technical Graphics and Geography.

Transition Year:

This is a unique one year programme. This programme has aimed at the personal, vocational, social and educational development of a student and prepares them for their further responsibilities as an autonomous and participative member of the society. This is a year after the junior cycle which enhances a student’s skills including problem-solving, critical thinking and creative analysis skills so they can perform well in the senior level.

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Leaving Certificate Year:

This is the senior cycle of the students where they will study many subjects at Ordinary Level or Higher Level. Subjects are Irish, English, Music, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, German, Geography, Engineering, Home Economics, Business, Accounting, Agriculture Science, Spanish, Constructive Studies, Physical Education, Computer Science, and Design & Communication Graphics.

  • Extracurricular activities: Abbey Vocational School offers many lunch time, sports and non-sports activities to its student for their physical and mental development.
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