Details of Dublin City University Business School, Ireland

DCU Business School is Europe’s one of the most dynamic young business school located in Dublin city. It has open with an aim to redefine the traditional boundaries of business schools.

DCU Business School helps students to become capable to provide the values of their organization and to the society and prepare them to understand the dynamic and unpredictable environment and helps them for their dynamic and diverse career path over the lifetime.

The quality and unique teaching style with small class size and our high level of engagement with the industry brings their students to stand out in the global marketplace.

DCU Business School is considered as the important part of the business sector of Ireland and has an impact on Irish industry as well as on international organizations.

In 2016, DCU Business School is distinguished by achieving AACSB accreditation and the MBA Executive offered by this school is accredited by AMBA since 2004.

Programme offered by DCU Business School:

DCU Business School provides a quality business education programme that aims to provide an innovative, a distinctive and high-quality experience to the students.

It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes.

Undergraduate Programme:

DCU Business School is globally recognized, a dynamic and double accredited business school.

It has an impressive graduate employment statistics and that has been proved in the recent survey where it was found that 86% of its graduates achieved full time, high calibre employment within a month of the completion of the programme.

  • BSc Marketing Innovation and Technology
  • BSc Aviation Management/ BSc Aviation Management with Pilot studies
  • BA Global Business School (Canada)
  • BA Global Business School (Spain)
  • BA Global Business School (USA)
  • BA Global Business School (France)
  • BA Global Business School (Germany)
  • Bachelors of Business Studies
  • Bachelors of Business Studies international
  • BA Accounting and Finance

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Postgraduate Programme:

DCU Business School offers a globally ranked master’s degree programme to provide an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

DCU Business Schools offered a huge range of part-time and Full-time Postgraduate programmes.

Full-time Postgraduate Programme:

    • MSc in Management (Aviation Leadership)
    • MSc in Management (Strategy)
    • MSc in Management (Business)
    • MSc in International Accounting and Management
    • MSc International Management
    • MSc in Finance
    • MSc Human Resource Management
    • MSc in Accounting
    • MSc in Digital Marketing
    • MSc in Electronic Commerce (Business)

All programmes are full-time degree programme and help the student to match their ambition with their career goal so they can progress confidently to the next level of their career.

Part-time Postgraduate Programme:

  • MSc Work and Organizational Psychology/ Behaviour
  • MSc Human Resource Strategy
  • MSc Emergency Medicine
  • MSc Management (Aviation Leadership)
  • MSc Investment, Treasury &Banking
  • MSc Digital Marketing
  • Executive MBA

Customized Programme:

This programme was designed to provide accredited leadership & management development programme to the organization employees all over the world.

PhD Programmes:

  • Master by Research programme- this is a part-time programme
  • PhD Programme- this is a part-time and full-time programme

Research at DCU Business School:

DCU Business School is a research intensive business school and the main focus of research is on business problems and translating this problem’s solution into tangible benefits of Ireland’s economy.

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