Details of Colaiste Iosagain – Stillorgan, Ireland

Colaiste Iosagain is an Ireland based only girl’s school which was founded in 1971. This is a Catholic School for post-primary education. The school runs under the trusteeship- of Eamon Ris Schools Trust (ERST).

The school provides full-class education to its students to provide education and develop Christianity, spirituality, leadership skills and create a sense of caring for the community.

  • The curriculum of Colaiste Iosagain School: This is a secondary school and a student can complete their post-primary education in this school in 6 years. The education is given in 3 stages including junior level, transition year, and the final year.
  • Junior level: This is the first 3 years of student life in this school. The school provides a large number of courses at the junior level and the students have to choose among those courses according to their preferences. The subjects which can be studied at the junior level are History, Maths, English, Irish, Teaching Religion, Science, French, German, Geography, German, CSPE, Choir, Arts, Technical Graphics, Music, PE, Home economics and Social, Health & Personal Education.
  • Transition Year: This is the compulsory year for every student. This is a linking year between the junior and senior levels. The aim of this year is personal development through many extracurricular activities and academic events. This is an important year for every student’s life. This year is focused on the personal, vocational, social, and educational development of the students and nurtures them to become responsible members of society.
  • Senior Level: This is a final year i.e. the 6th year of the student’s educational life where they will study 4 compulsory subjects including Irish, English, Maths and Religion and can choose among the optional subjects including History, French, German, Music, Art, Geography, Home Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Maths, Design & Communication, Business, Economics, Choir, Social/Health & personal Education and Physical Education Choir.
  • Sports and extracurricular activities at Colaiste Iosagain School: The school has many students committee including a green committee, an Irish language committee, a student council and many clubs. Football is a very popular & successful sport in school.

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Admission Policy:

A student can apply to the school annually in September.

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