Details of Griffith College Limerick, Ireland

Griffith College Limerick was founded in 1974 and is among the top three colleges in the Mid-West region of Ireland and providing quality study for the last forty years.

Griffith College Limerick provides a huge range of postgraduate and graduate courses which is recognized internationally with an option to study part-time and full-time.

Study techniques are more based on individual attention from the very first day of college so each individual can get the knowledge and enhance their skills for their future.

Classroom sizes are small as all courses are based on student focus and the staff are relatively high experienced so they can provide the student’s high supportive environment.

The main attraction of the Griffith College:

The college is located in the heart of the city and provides a vibrant life to the students as the west core has many attractions of Ireland so it provides a high opportunity to students to explore the city including beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, lakes and cliffs.

The city is full of traditional Irish music, top restaurants, a cinema hall, cafes, museums and many sports activities.

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Courses offered by Griffith College Limerick:

The college offers a huge range of postgraduate, graduate and short courses covering all areas of studies such as engineering, Business, Computer, and English Language, MBA, computer, hospitality, childcare, professional studies and ACCA qualification.

  • The Faculty of Computer Science: This includes the in-depth study of the computer, its design, usage, limitation and possibilities, which provide the knowledge about the problem, that can occur while using it and innovative solutions to those problems.
  • A student can choose full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Diploma in International Hospitality Management: This undergraduate programme is designed to develop the key skills in the students required in international hospitality management. This is a full-time 2 years programme.
  • The Faculty of Business: This programme is focused on developing the leaders of the marketing with enhancing their key business skills.
  • The student gets a chance to study full-time, part-time and diploma course which covers all the area of business studies such as HRM, IT, International Business, Marketing and Finance.
  • Engineering Courses: Engineering courses are designed to impart students’ knowledge through developing their lifelong practical and theoretical and technical skills.
  • This course can be studied under the postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.IE)
  • Higher National Certified in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Faculty of English Language: This faculty is designed to help a student in learning the English language with fun and innovative techniques.
  • Master of Business Administration: This postgraduate course is a worldwide recognized programme of Griffith College which is a 2-year full-time programme that includes the studies on the campus and provides the knowledge regarding the business and develops the key skills in the student so they and stable themselves in the highly compatible market.
  • Professional Accountancy course: This is one of the most prestigious courses of Griffith College which is famous for its award-winning lectures. The college offers full-time, part-time and diploma courses under this faculty.
  • Short Courses: The Griffith College offers many short and evening courses for those students who cannot do the full-time course.

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How to apply at Griffith College Limerick:

Griffith College Limerick allows students to apply either through direct entry or through the CAO system.

There is a list of courses for both kinds of entry so the student can choose one of them.

Benefits of choosing Griffith College Limerick:

The Griffith College Limerick is one of the most prestigious colleges in Ireland. There are some attractions in college:

  • This college is among one of the top three colleges in the Mid-West of Ireland and has forty years of experience in teaching.
  • All programmes are career-oriented programmes.
  • Excellent lecture techniques
  • College provides all the basic amenities to the student within the campus.
  • It prepares the student to achieve high employment just after completion of the course.

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