Details of University College Cork, Ireland

The University Cork College is considered an award-winning institute with a rank among the top 2% of universities in the world. The university started in 1845 with just 115 students and has now become a home for 21,000 students.

The queen’s college cork was opened up with three colleges and later on, in 1908, became the university college cork under the university act. In 1997, the university college cork was renamed as national university Ireland, cork that again in 1998, renamed the university college cork.

The university is considered second in Ireland’s city which offers a rich combination of the tradition of teaching, research and scholarship. Every year almost 3000 students become a part of this multicultural community.

UCC is a globally recognized university which offers a huge range of globally recognized courses in all the disciplines. The study technique is based on making graduates work-ready and world-ready which is shown in the higher employment rate of the UCC graduates which is almost 85-90%.

Awards Of University College Cork:

  •  In 2011, the university college cork achieved the ISO 50001 standards and become the first university who achieved these standards in Ireland.
  • In 2015, the European Commission gave a title to UCC as a top-performing University among the 1200 partaking universities.
  • In 2017, the University got a title by Sunday Times as the Irish University of the year.

Campus Life At UCC:

UCC is the home of more than a hundred society, public events and social events. The university offers a vibrant life for its students as well as to the community of UCC members.

UCC offers a combination of heritage and contemporary lifestyles to its students. The students have a feeling of a city within the campus as UCC has a permanent restaurant, theatre, shopping mall, gardens, galleries and historical building that provides an extracurricular experience to its students.

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Courses Offered By UCC:

UCC offers a huge range of postgraduate, undergraduate, and online courses, adult continuing education, continuing professional development and adult continuing education short course covering almost all the disciplines.

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Research And Faculties Of UCC:

UCC is a centre of world-class research and was listed among the top 3% of universities for research worldwide in 2009.

The university consists of four colleges such as Business and Law; Arts, Celtic studies & Social Science; Engineering and Foodservice; and Medicine and Health and Science,

Teaching Mode Of UCC:

UCC is a student-oriented university which offers part-time, full-time and distance learning programmes to choose one form according to students’ convenience.

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Why One Should Choose UCC For The Studies:

  •  UCC offers a huge range of internationally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  •  Rich academic service with peer to peer faculty support throughout the student life at UCC.
  •  Offers a chance to become a part of the multicultural community as it has over 130,000 alumni worldwide.
  •  UCC has the highest employment rate for graduates and offers exceptional career guidance and support to its students.
  •  UCC has a first-class facility and services and offers a fascinating student experience.
  •  UCC is among the top 2% universities of the world and a very respective university.
  •  UCC has a very dazzling student campus with almost 100 student clubs and society.
  •  UCC is a leading research university in Ireland and is listed with the highest research income in the state.

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