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Sample on Dignity and Respect in Nursing Essay

Spending a comprehensive period in providing care to patients is a rewarding profession. It’s the responsibility of nurses and healthcare supporters to help patients who need additional support or reached a stage of weakness. The nursing professionals should support the old aged patients to function on a day to day basis and continue to get enjoyment from life. However, if the services provided by them are not delivered compassionately then it will leave the patients feeling like they are being underprivileged of their dignity. Respect helps in creating a healthy environment in which old aged patients feel cared, and displays that nursing professionals are committed and collaborative to their services.

Nurses and midwives in Ireland respect and protect the dignity of every stage of human life. They respect and preserve their own dignity as well as patients in their career life. Nurses have to ensure that patients are not only receiving physical support but emotional and mental as well. Within a culture of dignity and respect, healthcare supporters perform better and display high resilience. The healthcare supporters should respect all people equally without discriminating based on status, gender, age, family status, disability, or any community membership.

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Why nursing needs a culture of dignity and respect?

Cultivating a culture of dignity and respect helps nursing professionals to set the stage of how respect is evident. On the contrary, a lack of dignity weakens individual performance and suppresses teamwork as well. It can direct to poor interactions with old patients. Hence, establishing a culture of respect in nursing is essential:

Respect for patients:

All patients whether adults or old aged deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and recognition of their worth as individuals. Healthcare professionals who fail to pay attention to patient’s needs or leave them unattended means they are disrespecting patients. To show respect, nursing caregivers should listen to patients carefully, ask for their views, and recognize their needs.

The physical environment that healthcare providers create for the patients is a direct reflection of their dignity and respect for them. Nursing caregivers should ensure cleanliness, privacy, and quiet surroundings to make patients comfortable. Apart from it, dignity means showing gratitude to patients who trust nursing professionals with their care.

Respect for colleagues

Every individual has the right and inherent value to be treated with respect and dignity. When respect is lacking in a caring environment, it leads to misconduct, over-monitoring, distrust, and even indifference. Moreover, speaking poorly with any healthcare professional destabilizes the patient’s confidence and lowers the impression of the organization as well. Interactions with colleagues and treating them with dignity lead to satisfaction and accomplishments of patient’s needs effectively. Nursing professionals can show respect in the following ways:

  • Keep up promises
  • Express gratitude
  • Listen first and then understand
  • Be encouraging
  • Speak up
  • Grow and develop
  • Connect with others
  • Share information

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Essay Sample on dignity and respect in nursing

Title: How can healthcare leaders impart respect in day-to-day activities?

Creating a culture of dignity in nursing requires action on several typesets. It becomes crucial for nursing professionals to treat the clinical staff with the same respect and dignity that wants them to treat old patients. The leaders should value diverse backgrounds as well as ideas for producing a respectful and caring environment for the patients. They should take interest in the non-work activities, remain open to input, and should support other professionals in critical situations. Being a healthcare leader, it becomes a responsibility to show respect through humility, making meaning contributions, and treating patients and colleagues with respect and dignity.

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