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Environmental Influences that impact on Children’s Development – Sample Report

The environment in which a child grows up plays a significant role in promoting child development. During the initial years, the child can learn development skills by interacting with people and their environment. The child can socialize, develop necessary motor skills, learn how to solve problems, and adopt good habits within the environment. Moreover, the style of parenting has a significant impact on the holistic development of children. The students of Ireland who want to submit outstanding report writing papers can take help from Learners Record writing tips.

Environmental Influences that impact on Children Development - Report Writing Sample

Socio-economic status and environmental resources influence the overall development of a child. When it comes to providing the most productive environment for a child, then more impoverished families can face disadvantages. It is because children who are living in poverty have to limit their ability to reach their potential. The family investing their energy, love, and time in raising their child can see positive growth among children.

How do environmental factors impact on development domains of a child?

The environmental surrounding is responsible for child growth and affects the five crucial development domains:

  • Social development: The child raised in a poor social environment can have a lack of interaction skills. The effects of the physical and social skills among the child decrease their confidence and thus affect their overall development.
  • Cognitive development: The cognitive development of a child gets affected by the social, economic, physical, and emotional environment. If the child does not involve in social interactions; then it can lead to poor cognitive development.
  • Emotional development: Without having healthy emotional and social surroundings, the child cannot feel safe. Such kind of emotional security does not allow them to take risks and explore developmental skills. The students can take help from early childhood curriculum level 6 to study child development.
  • Physical development: The physical development of a child gets affected by a poor physical environment. By motivating the child to take part in physical activities, the physical development of the child can be raised.
  • Language development: For child growth and well-being, it becomes essential to allow them to interact with society and face their challenges on their own. Otherwise, the child does not become capable of standing out among the rest.

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Environmental factors affecting child development in Ireland

  • Physical environment: If the living situation of the child is noisy and full of aggression, then it can affect a child’s personality. The physical surroundings are one such environmental factors affecting child development. That is why; parents need to find out the right school for their children’s education. Keeping the child updated with school activities and other programs promotes child development.
  • Family: The type of bond a child is having with family affects the overall growth of children. Irrespective of childcare providers, the parents should also have a strong bond with their child. The bonding of a child with a family helps nurture and protects them emotionally. Thus it becomes necessary for parents to analyze the impact of the environment on child growth.
  • Financial condition: When it comes to living a comfortable life, then money becomes a vital component. It is because wealth helps parents to secure better opportunities, academic training, and many more for their children. Money specifies the environment raising a child, and thus it affects the holistic development of a child.

Report writing sample on the impact of the environment on the holistic development of children

Title: What is the role of health in child development?

Nutrition is crucial for mental as well as physical development of a child. The child having unhealthy eating habits can lead to health diseases like diabetes, obesity, and many more. It becomes essential to ensure that child is taking getting proper micronutrients which are necessary for their development. Otherwise, facilities management can reduce motor skills and the social development of a child.

After the initial six months, parents can influence the diet of a child with solid foods. Lack of vitamins, nutrients, iron, and many more can cause severe problems like goiter, anemia, vision defects, and many more. Thus, it becomes necessary to focus on children’s diet and ensure holistic development of the child.

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