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Theories of Development change and continuity in infancy, childhood, and Adolescence

Development theories aim to explain the change, growth, and consistency throughout the children’s life. There are numerous theories of development that help the researchers to look at how feeling, thinking, and behavior of the social change throughout the lifespan.

A significant proportion of continuity theory focuses upon development during childhood as it is a period when the most changes occur. Development is a series of age-related changes that happen throughout a life span. The students can take help from assignment makers for preparing an efficient essay in a short time.

Theories of Development change and continuity in infancy, childhood, and Adolescence

A stage is a period in the development throughout which the child exhibits behavioral patterns and establishes particular capacities. Individuals pass through different stages in a specific order, and each stage builds on crucial capabilities among them.

Moreover, development stages are related to age. When the child grows, they start growing emotional and learning skills which affect their development. Throughout life, they develop cognitive skills, mental skills, and social skills which promote their growth. Irish students asking can you write my essay can take help from professional writers for submitting an efficient essay in front of their teachers.

What are the different stages of Child Development?

Erik Erikson believed that personality development happens throughout a person’s life. Erikson’s theory proposed a theory that describes eight distinct stages of development:

  • Stage 1: After birth, babies are entirely dependent on their parents or adults for basic needs such as comfort, food, and warmth. When the caregivers meet the basic needs of the child reliably, the babies develop a sense of security. However, if the basic needs of the child are not met, then they can develop a mistrustful and insecure attitude.
  • Stage 2: When the child is one year old, they start to gain independence and learn vital skills such as dressing themselves, feeding, and many more. Depending on how the child faces these challenges, the child can develop a sense of doubt and autonomy.

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  • Stage 3: In-between the ages of three and six, the child can learn how to control their impulses. If the child learns how to behave socially, then they can become more self-confident.
  • Stage 4: Children at the age of six start going to school. They make new friends and prepare for school activities. The social activities develop a sense of independence and competence among the child.
  • Stage 5: Adolescence is the period when the child tries to determine their identity. If the child does not participate in social skills, then they can remain uncertain about their roles in life which affects the overall development of the child.
  • Stage 6: At a young age, children try to make new friends and if they are not able to develop a strong bond with others they can become isolated.
  • Stage 7: When people reach middle adulthood they start working so that they can become productive members of society.
  • Stage 8: People in old age examine their lives. They can either experience a sense of disappointment or a sense of contentment.

Sample essay on theories of development change and continuity

Title: What is the difference between continuity and discontinuity?

Normative development is viewed as a cumulative and continual process. It refers to the predictable pattern that the child follows regarding social development and thought language. The continuity view claims that change is gradual and children become more skillful in talking, thinking, and acting as they grow. However, the discontinuity view observes the development as a succession of changes that produce different behavioral changes in different stages. There are various development theories that reflect the critical changes in personality development among children throughout the lifespan.

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