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Factors affecting the Holistic Development of the child – Essay Sample

Parenting, family, genetics, society, education, relationships, and many other factors influence child development. By understanding the role each factor plays in the holistic development of the child, Irish students can prepare an effective essay paper.

Though both growth and development terms get synonymously used; however, these have different biological meanings. Growth stands for the significant changes in the physical characteristics of a child and development refers to the qualitative changes to growth that results in maturity. The students of Ireland can take cheap assignment help for submitting their homework on time.

Factors affecting the Holistic Development of the child - Essay Sample

Not only parenting but nature also contributes to the growth of the child. It is crucial to look at the biological influences which help in shaping child development. Various factors affect the overall children’s well-being and child psychology.

An emotional environment is one such vital factor that reflects how well families meet the child’s relational needs to provide them with every facility necessary for their development. The students asked can anyone write my essay can take help from expert writers from a trustworthy writing company.

Factors that affect children’s development

  • Environment factors

Undoubtedly, the environment plays a crucial role when it comes to childhood development. It reflects the total psychological as well as physical stimulation received by the child.

Some of the environmental factors which influence early childhood development include the physical surroundings along with the geographical conditions of the place where the child lives.

Along with it, the social environments of the child, such as family relationships, friend circle, and many more matters when it is to child growth. A loving family and the right school help build interpersonal skills among the child which enables them to excel in extracurricular activities.

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  • Genetic factors

It influences all the crucial aspects of physical appearance like weight, height, body structure, the texture of the hair, skin color, and even intelligence. Diseases and other health-related conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and more can also be passed through genes.

From the earliest days of life, the interaction of environment and heredity works to shape children’s development. Genetic influences have an enormous impact on how a child grows and determine their inner strengths for upcoming social life.

A child may set out a road map for growth when they inherit genetic instructions from their parents.

  • Social factors

The social activities contribute to enhancing children’s learning and help them to develop cognitive skills. The social status of the family determines the quality of opportunity that the child gets in their life.

Families with good financial conditions get a chance to study in better schools. Families with high facilities can provide efficient learning resources to their children as compared to those living in poverty.

It creates a barrier due to which children from more impoverished families cannot access educational resources and lack to reach proper nutrition as well.

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Sample essay on factors affecting the holistic development of the child sample essay

Title: How familial influences promote child development?

Families have the most profound impact in nurturing the child and determine the critical ways in which the child can develop socially. Whether grandparents, parents, or caregivers raise the child, they need significant support and love to grow as a healthy individual.

The significant growth among the child can be seen when families invest time and energy in the development of the child. Playing with the child and having meaningful conversations help promote child development.

However, families that neglect or abuse children can affect the positive development of the child. The children raised in the ineffective environment can lack in social skills and difficulty in bonding with others.

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