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Role of Social, Biological, Cultural, and Historical perspectives Affecting Child’s Adolescent development

Child development refers to the psychological, biological, and emotional changes occurring from birth to the end of adolescence. Culture plays a significant role in influencing child development. The culture and societal factors in which a child is growing influence everything from parenting styles to environmental conditions. However, children requiring special needs care can face difficulties in later childhood. The students of Ireland should focus on specific objectives and can take help from assignment writers while preparing an essay on child development.

Role of Social, Biological, Cultural, and Historical perspectives Affecting Child's Adolescent development

The facts concluded in child psychology explain all aspects of child development involving social, physical, and cognitive changes among children. Moreover, historical approaches also influence child development and explain the role of the socio-cultural environment on child development.  It becomes essential for college students to understand dominant theories explaining development within an adolescent.

How do socio-cultural contexts impact child and adolescent development?

There are external influences that shape development among children providing them with proper healthcare and well-being conditions. Children of dark color lack in accessing to necessary resources. It makes them unable to explore economic traits, and thus it affects child development. In the adolescent age, the child gets matured and starts observing discrimination occurring in society. It directly impacts the psychosocial growth of the child and thus lowers child development. Other socio-cultural changes influencing child development:

(A) Racial stereotypes can have a substantial effect on child development. There are other societal factors also which can have an influencing impact on child growth.

(B) Useful parenting styles vary as a critical function of culture. In modern society, almost everyone encourages the authoritative parenting style. However, in historical times, an authorization style was recommendable.

(C) Gender, class, race, and other areas of identity contribute to different forms of social inequality. A child growing up in a bounded or compact environment can face severe challenges in life. However, a child having an open mindset and knowledge to live a happy life can grow successfully.

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What is the historical perspective influencing child development?

Irish students can study various historical approaches from different views, and each one results in a different perspective. History serves as an open-end system for the students, which can never be reconstituted.

  • The first one includes a straightforward chronicle of events and a descriptive account of what happened in history.
  • With the longitudinal studies of child development, it becomes necessary to research on the minimal determination of relations rather than focusing on results explained by history itself.
  • The second approach expresses leaders as group tendencies. The students can gain information about how historical perspectives affect the stream of relations.
  • The historical analysis helps the students to identify the social process and other factors affecting child development. Moreover, the history of science depends upon various intellectual participants.
  • It reveals the intellectual movements and outlines the ideas to promote the child movement. In the historical approach, the relations between two persons, sequences, and events are well-handled.

Sample assignment on the role of social, biological, cultural, and historical perspectives on children’s development

Title: How biological changes contribute to child and adolescent development?

Early childhood is the time in which the child starts learning language and of symbolic expressions. Children learn how to perform mental operations by using ideas and concepts. However, relevant knowledge starts building among the child in later years of childhood. In the initial years, it becomes necessary to focus on the biological changes among children which can result in advanced memory capacity.

It enables the child to recall things and search for information efficiently. In the adolescent years, the child gets aware of emotional characteristics, abilities, and other states leading to empathy. The basis of morality among the children reflects biological changes among them.

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