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Health Inequalities in Nursing Essay Sample

With the growth of the population, health services could not pace up in the same way. The result was inequality in access to health services. It is a worrisome issue that still with the growth of technology the health sector could not progress up to the mark.

For students related to the healthcare courses in Ireland whether it is nursing or medical, it is necessary to know that why these inequalities exist in the health sector and what should be done to take care of inequalities in healthcare in nursing. In broad, it is the policy issue on which the government should work with due given importance.

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Health Inequalities

The concern of today is the existing disparities that exist in the health and nursing sector. What can be the reason for it and what policymakers should do about the issues? There are underlying mechanisms and socio-economic perspectives behind the existing inequalities. There is also a lack of awareness about molding life in a healthy way.

The health inequalities in nursing create a burden on the sector. Therefore one has to focus to know about the different treatment requirements for different people And when it comes to the problem of accessibility, it concerns all things like geographical distances of healthcare facilities in nursing, affordability, the kind of services it provides, and the target population.

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The situation of the healthcare facilities is gruesome in the developing countries while the developed countries enjoy the development of technology and medical facilities advancement. This results in health inequalities in the nursing sector also.

The population is also another reason behind it as most of the developing countries are suffering from the population explosion and there is an imbalance in the resources and the requirement of the population. That’s why policymakers should take care of the available health services with the ratio of population. The other reason is the social status the biases towards getting health care and stigmas exist in society. The economic status also determines the health care access as for the poor it is hard to access the expensive health care facilities.

What Policymakers should do?

The public funding for public healthcare facilities in nursing should be increased with good infrastructure in public hospitals.  Another important step is creating affordable healthcare services so it becomes easier for every nursing staff to access it.

The ratio of population and medical facilities should be assessed with due importance and research shall be conducted for that. Health insurance should be promoted among nursing people. Industries should be directed to provide healthcare to the employees working with them. Nursing staff should be equipped with all the training and technology to decrease the inequalities in healthcare in nursing.

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