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Reflective Essay on the Communication Skills in the Nursing Practice 

The following piece of writing on the interpersonal skills reflective essay in nursing practice shall highlight the various aspects of communication in the nursing unit of the healthcare sector. It shall highlight the interpersonal relationship between the nurses and with the patients in the health care unit.

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I am a student of the International School of Nursing and Midwifery in the Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland. We were instructed to get special nursing training from the health departments or clinics to gain working experience.

For the same purpose, I applied at various places for an internship to gain practical knowledge of the nursing job. I finally got one and it was supposed to be my workplace for a couple of months from where I learned a lot.

I learned interpersonal skills which are most important and with time I eventually developed a strong relationship with the other staff. This helped me to become a better inpatient carer and to build a team in the nursing unit.

A nurse on a daily basis needs to be highly interactive with the other medical personnel, doctors, patients, co-workers, healthcare administrators, a family of patients, etc. It helped me to create great rapport with the patients and co-workers.

Interpersonal skills learned by me during the Nursing Training 

I am usually a very calm and composed person but sometimes get really impatient in difficult and stressful situations in life. I had to personally work upon certain interpersonal skills while I was taking training in nursing. 

Some of the interpersonal skills learned by me during the nursing training are:-

  • I had to learn to become an active listener to the patient’s problems as most of the patients are not much aware of the status of their health and symptoms of their disease. Nurse needs to be very attentive towards their problems. I had to help my co-workers also in discharging the duties efficiently.
  • I also had to make an effective communication of information between the different physicians, patients, and their families which helps them to make correct decisions during treatment.

I also took special training for handling emergency cases as it is very vital for the life of a patient. This also helped me to create a strong bond with the team members so that the flow of information is not disrupted.

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  • During the practice I learned to become more patient with time as it is an important criterion for handling stressful and unfavorable situations. It allowed the patients to blindly trust me and their families to become more cooperative with me.
  • The opportunity of working in a team was given to me during the training period which generated a team-oriented mentality and effective interpersonal communication in nursing.

It facilitated my performance and creates job satisfaction. I learned to understand the emotions of another person, opinions, experiences, and perceptions. It boosts morale, self-esteem and maintains a safer environment for patients and peers.

It also created a sense of responsibility and work can be delegated to the other co-nurses. This reduces the stress level at the workplace and helps in living a quality life.

  • I have become more critical in my thinking during my learning experience in the nursing field. I have become more practical and less emotional in the professional decisions in my life.

As I have become more work or service-oriented towards the patients and can now easily build positive relationships with them creating a positive environment.

  • Conflicts in the workplace setting are very natural and usually occur due to opposing beliefs, emotional stress, opinions, and outlooks. Patients also sometimes disagree with a nurse or there is a clash of opinion between the two nurses.

For resolving any such conflicts one needs to be very adaptive and flexible with the perspective of the other person to find a genuine resolution. It has made me more emotionally matured while making any critical workplace decisions.

The conclusion is drawn by me about the importance of interpersonal skills in the nursing practice 

  • After getting professional nursing training I hereby conclude that effective interpersonal skills are very important for nurses in a healthcare setting. It reduces workplace tension and helps in promoting wellness and quality of life.
  • As professional nurses, it is our prime responsibility to take care of ill patients and help them to voice their opinion. As we are regularly exposed to the suffering of human beings we can easily generate empathy for our fellow beings which makes strong inter-personal relationships with them. We can support the patients spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.
  • Effective team communication helps in increasing the morale of the staff and ensures the safety of the patient. Poor communication skills lead to medical errors, low morale, and a high rate of turnover of nurses which creates a shortage of nursing services in the health care units.

Nurses must consider effective and healthy communication strategies in their personal and professional lives to ensure a positive working environment in the healthcare units.

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The above reflective paper is focused upon communication skills in the nursing practice.

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