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What makes nursing assistant duties different from healthcare assistant duties?

The students considering a career in the medical line want to dedicate their crucial years to becoming a healthcare assistant or nursing assistant. Many Irish students think that both nursing and healthcare assistant job is the same. However, both occupations are not the same and require different skills, tasks, working opportunities, and many more. In this handout, the students will learn what sets make nursing assistant different from healthcare assistants.

What are the responsibilities of a nursing assistant?

Nursing assistants are the ones who offer basic care and assist patients with daily living activities. They are also referred to as principal caregivers and keep more contacts with staff members and residents. Some of the nursing assistant tasks include:

  • Helping patients during bathing or cleaning
  • Dressing and serving meals to the patients
  • Transferring or repositioning patients
  • Setting up equipment at a doctor or a nurse request
  • Listening to patients and reporting that information to doctors
  • Transporting patients to treatment units like operating rooms

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What are the responsibilities of a healthcare assistant?

Healthcare assistants or HCAs work under the guidance of different healthcare professionals. Generally, the nature of the healthcare assistant role varies from area to area. For instance, an HCA can work alongside midwives in maternity services, or nurses in the mental health community, and many more. Some of the tasks performed by healthcare assistants include:

  • Monitoring, observing, and even recording the conditions of the patients. It includes pulse rate, temperature, weight, and respirations recording.
  • Promoting positive nutritional, mental, and physical health among patients
  • Assisting with clinical duties
  • Communication with patients and their caregivers and families

Though both nursing and healthcare assistants offer care to patients, the nursing assistant also assists the patients with everyday activities. However, it is not part of a healthcare assistant job.

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