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Communication Strategies Used in Healthcare

What are the Communication Strategies used in Healthcare? How can one improve his/her communication skills in Healthcare? Moreover, what are the different types of communication that one should use in nursing and healthcare? Now, all these questions shall be answered by us in this article. Considerably, healthcare courses in Ireland are one of the most demanding QQI courses. Also, it requires establishing a good relationship between the patient and the nurse or the health care assistant.

Communication Strategies Used in Healthcare

Therefore, the most effective role player here is “Communication Skills”. The concept of Communication Techniques used in Healthcare is pluralistic. That is to say, a number of factors like what kind of a patient one is treating, environment, mood and situation of the patient, etc influence it.

What are the different types of Communication in Healthcare?

As mentioned above, in order to start healthy communication there are plenty of efforts that should be put in by the nurses or HCA. Basically, there are five types of communication methods in Health care:

  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Communication through Listening to a message
  • Communication through Writing

The role of each type of communication is different and circumstantial. Precisely, if the patient is blind then one can make use of verbal communication. On the other hand, if he is deaf and dumb then visual communication comes into play.

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What are the factors that lead to effective Communication?

There are some factors that influence communication strategies in healthcare. They are as follows:

  • Accuracy of the Speech: It includes using apt and adequate sentences that are understandable.
  • Maintaining a Balance while Speaking: The healthcare assistant or nurse should speak what is precise.
  • Realizing Patient’s Condition: This is an important factor. One should be a good judge of the circumstances of the patient and then proceed accordingly.
  • Starting a humble Conversation: As the patient is unknown to you, the nurses and the HCA should always communicate with them in a soft manner.
  • Avoid Harsh Words: Sometimes, a patient may be under stress, in that case, one should never be harsh with the patient.
  • Try Being Friendly: It is important to communicate with the patient in a friendly manner. This improves the relationship between nurse and patient.

How Can you improve your Communication Strategies Used in Healthcare?

There are a number of ways in which health care workers, nurses, etc. can work on making their communication skills better. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Understanding the barriers in communication and working on them.
  2. Various seminars should be organized in hospitals on developing Communication skills in healthcare.
  3. One should try to keep the temper in control while talking to a patient.
  4. Always remember that the patient needs your empathy and care.
  5. Introducing yourself to the latest technologies and communication strategies.

Importance of Good Communication skills in Healthcare

Communication helps in understanding the patient in a better manner. In fact, it helps to build a good relationship between the patient and the health care assistant or nurse. good communication and a healthy atmosphere can help the patient recover soon. It also inculcates confidence in healthcare employees.

thus, it is very important that communication happens to be precise, to the point, soft, and healthy. Also, a sense of strength in a patient can be imbibed by some good words from the doctor and nurses. If you communicate with the patient with a smile, he might forget his pain. After all, ” Smile is the only curve that puts everything Straight!! ”

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