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Role of the Public Health Nurse in the Promotion of Individual and Community Health Essay Sample Ireland

In the following essay sample, we shall highlight the discussion on the role of the public health nurse in the promotion of individual and community health. These public health nurses are employed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland to provide a wide range of healthcare services to the community and individuals.

They cover the areas according to their geographical location that is being assigned by the local health centre. Their nursing care services are required by the places such as schools, day centres, old age care homes, community health centres, etc. They provide only basic care services to the patients and assist them in their daily routines.

Role of Public Health Nurse in Promotion of Individuals Community Health Essay

The public health nurses provide care services to newly born infants, older adults, people with disabilities, chronically ill patients, women in their pregnancy, new mothers, people in social isolation, travellers community, etc. There are care assistants who provide primary personal care along with the public health nurses.

Responsibilities of Public Health Nurses

The public health nurse is the Irish registered nurse who plays a very important role in making people aware and educated and also the communities about the healthcare services as they promote public welfare and overall wellness. They provide easy access to care services for the individuals and are responsible for preventing any spread of diseases.

Some of the responsibilities of the public health nurse are:-

  • Evaluation of health of the patient and devising a healthcare plan and making a provision for treatment.
  • Monitoring the health status and the condition of the patient by delivering the best quality care to the physicians and recording and analyzing the medical data.
  • They work with public health officials to develop various care services and health care programs.
  • Making the patients educated and aware of the healthcare service and creating personal relationships with the patients.
  • Referring the patient to some other healthcare providers.
  • Management of the health budget of the public healthcare programs.

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Role of the Public Health Nurse in the Promotion of Individual Health

Public health nursing is meant for mainly addressing the health issues of the community but it can also provide individual-centred care services. The public health nurses in Ireland presently work as part of the interdisciplinary team. The role played by public health nurses in the promotion of individual health are:-

  • They provide the sick and old age group who live in their homes with their care services to help them carry out their daily activities.
  • PHS often do liaisoning with general practitioners or other health care providers to provide health services to the patients who are chronically ill or require palliative care in the last stages of their lives to provide them with a decent standard of living.
  • PHS visits the newborn infants and their mothers just within the first six weeks of the child’s birth. They provide maternity care services to new mothers in the postpartum phase. They also play a role in the school health service.
  • They are focused on educating individuals, families, and communities on the important issues of health by providing physical, emotional, and financial well-being.
  • Patients who are not very comfortable accessing care from traditional doctors can easily get access to such public health nursing services. They can access the symptoms, make plans for diagnosis, propose a care plan and treatment, and advise a person with poor health literacy.

Role of the Public Health Nurse in the Community Health 

The public health nurses must be able to practically get to know the work of the specific communities within the system. It has the goal to address the issues of the local and marginalized communities by focusing on the physical, social, and environmental determinants of health.

They address the health status of the different communities and the groups may include economic stability, healthcare access, education, food security, and social issues (such as gender discrimination or racism). The role of the public health nurses is to make the communities healthy through short-term and long-term impact actions.

They organize healthcare programs and seminars for the communities with different needs and mark the concerned issues. The PHN also designs and implements various health education campaigns and activities for the prevention of the disease and its spread of it.

The PHN demonstrate the various safety health practices to teach the family members to take care of their loved ones and encourage them to be vaccinated against the diseases. Their services provide quality care within the community and improvement of such care with an integration of the public health nursing services with the primary care structures.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the Role of the Public Health Nurses in the Promotion of the Health of the Individual and Community.

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