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The Difference between Integration and Inclusion in Special Education in Ireland

The trend in today’s education is moving towards inclusion from integration. Both integration and inclusion aim to bring students with disabilities into the framework of mainstream school. One such approach proposes that students adapt to pre-existing structures; however, the other approach ensures that the existing system of education adapts to each student.

Inclusion is the process of educating a child effectively so that all students can participate in school activities. The students can take help from professional academic makers for developing an effective essay.

Dissertation Sample on the Difference between Integration and Inclusion

The critical difference between integration and inclusion is that in integration, the child with special needs gets absorbed into mainstream education, but the case is not similar within the inclusion. Integration aims at fulfilling the needs of the special needs students, and hence it can increase the labeling of students due to pre-existing structures. That is why; inclusion is considered as the best option as it discards barriers, unlike integration, which can hinder the educational development of the child. The students can ask can you write my essay for the team of expert writers from Ireland.

What do Irish students mean by integration and inclusion?

An integrated classroom refers to a setting where the students suffering from disabilities learn with other standard students. Extra support should be implemented to the students so that they can adapt to the regular academic curriculum. Moreover, separate education programs are also started within the classroom for motivating the students with disabilities.

Inclusion refers to the merging of special education and regular education with the belief that all children should have access to the same curriculum. It states that all children are different, so they should learn differently. The involved barriers get removed so that every student can get equal value and fully participate in the curriculum. It uses different techniques and accepts the diversity of students to benefit every student.

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How can students differentiate between integration and inclusion?

  • Inclusion refers to the process of educating the children so that they can participate in classroom events. However, integration is the process in which children with special education needs have to adjust according to the mainstream education system.
  • Inclusion focuses on every student in the classroom; however, integration focuses on only those children who are suffering from special needs.
  • In inclusion, the system of education system changes to assist the education procedure of the students. However, integration is a matter which varies according to the requirements of special needs students.
  • The main objective of inclusion is to improve the overall development of the students in the classroom activities instead to fit the children according to the education system. Integration, on the other hand, aims to meet the children with special needs in the education system.

Sample dissertation on the difference between inclusion and integration

Title: How integration and inclusion promote student success?

Integration is a positive approach that helps motivate students with disabilities to participate in social activities. However, inclusion states that students with disabilities do not adjust to a fixed education structure; instead, the structure gets altered, so the learning styles of every student get fulfilled. Integration improves social skills and exposes the students to adapt typical classroom structure.

However, inclusion motivates the children with special needs to participate in every school activity by enhancing their confidence level. The students can establish a grade level through the approach of inclusion. The students can develop a system of understanding by sharing the materials and behavior support with the help of the inclusion framework.

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