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TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 Assignment Sample Ireland

TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 Assignment Example Ireland 

In the following assignment example, we shall highlight and discuss the TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 module. This course unit in Ireland shall teach the learners to work in close association with the oral health care team.

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They shall also learn to work with the dental hygienist, other dental care team members and other healthcare professionals. They do learn to get involved in the oral health promotional activities with the healthcare team members and promoting a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Course TitleDiploma in Dental Hygiene
Course Duration – 2 Years/Full-Time Course
CAO CodeTR802
LevelNFQ Level 7
CAO Points498 (2020)

Learning Outcomes of the TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 Course 

The following assignment sample on this course module shall cover the patient careskills, role of the dental hygienist, working in an oral healthcare team, procedure to measure the levels of oral health and hygiene, use of xrays dental radiographs, promotion of oral health promotional activities with the individuals and groups.

These are the following learning outcomes of the Dental Hygiene Diploma NFQ Level 7 assignment activity :-

Explaining the Role of Dental Hygienist in Oral Healthcare Team

The dental hygienist works in the close association with the other dental care team members and other healthcare professionals. The patient is initially treated by the dentist who after the proper oral examination refers him to the dental hygienist.

Dental hygienist plays a vital role in the prevention of oral diseases and dental decay in a person in the clinical setting and focuses mainly upon the children and adults and those with additional needs. They are also responsible for promotion of oral health activities and the healthy lifestyle with individuals, groups and healthcare teams.

They are professionals who can scale or polish the teeth keeping the teeth away from any disease. A proper diet, oral hygiene routine and range of the desensitizing products for relieving the stress must be adviced. The provision for the fluoride trearments and use of the radiographs is made available by the dental hygienist.

Making regular visits to the dental hygienist for cleaning the teeth is must as it prevents inflammation of the gums and bone loss. The learners are asked in objective structured clinical examination the questions related to the role of dental hygienist for assessment evaluation.

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Analyzing the Procedures to Measure the Levels of Oral Health and Hygiene 

The oral health of the person have an overall impact on the general health and wellbeing of any such person. Analyzing procedures for measuring the oral health of the person the nursing research is considered as very fundamental. For an assessment of oral health salivary volume or the stimulated saliva can be obtained by taking samples of the saliva.

The salivary volume is the very important element of the innate immune defense component of the oral health. Such innate and adaptive immune components in saliva can be used for measuring levels of oral health and hygiene that provides defences against the microbial growth.

The measurement of the dental plaque can be used as parameter for an overall oral health. The gram staining is also used for identifying the presence and features of the microorganisms and identifying of the bacterial pathogens. Specific information about the DNA of the specific microbial species is very important for employing complex methods for measuring the oral hygiene. It is called as measuring the endotracheal microbial flora.

Learners must be able to do their demonstration of skills in making a reasonable level of delivery for the patient care and include the procedures for measuring the oral health in a project work and make records in the logbooks.

Learning the Use of X-rays or Radiographs for Evaluating the Oral Health of Patient

The learners shall learn to use the dental X-rays or the radiographs which can be used by the dentist for the evaluation of oral health. In radiographs the teeth imaging with low levels of radiation is used for capturing the images of the interior of the teeth and gums.

This shall help dentist to identify any problems related to the cavity, tooth structure and tooth decay. Some of the common x-rays used for dental is the bitewing, intraoral occlusal, extraoral occlusal, panoramic and periapical.

Such dental x-rays can help in providing the dentist with relevant information about the teeth and the structure of the gums. The learners of this course module shall learn intraoral radiographic technique, localisation techniques, extraoral radiographic techniques and computed tomography that helps in finding thr faults in the structure of the teeth.

There can be a test conducted for evaluation of the knowledge of the learners in the various clinical procedures and techniques used for an evaluation of the dental health.

Practicing Promotional Oral Health Activities With the Individuals and Groups 

The Oral health promotional activities are the planned efforts for making the public policies, creating a supportive environment for the patient, developing the person centred skills and strengthening of the community action in health services.

The learners shall be able to learn to promote the healthy eating habits and application of tropical fluoride, providing an access to the preventive oral health services at the earliest and training for the relevant oral hygiene methods.

The oral health program is meant for the successful promotion of the oral health for achieving an overall good health. This may also include the promotion of public health surveillance of oral disease burden. Such oral health activities must be promoted in the schools, homes and community centres addressing the individuals and the groups. Learners shall prepare the report for project on community health education programmes.

Assessment Evaluation for TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze that whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

There shall be a combination of the written tests, examinations and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), community based health education project. There is record of logbooks that are maintained and the written clinical examination for the  demonstration of the skills for providing reasonable care to the patient.

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The above-written assignment example is based on the TR802 Dental Hygiene Diploma Level 7 course module.

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