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The Practice of the Personal Hygiene in a Pre-School Setting Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall focus on the personal hygiene and cleanliness activities in the early childhood setting. It shall also highlight the methods used for practising hygiene in the early learning years and a brief discussion on the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Nurturing good personal hygiene in a child right from his early years is very important for the overall development of a child. When the child is young carer is responsible for his hygiene but as he grows up he must be encouraged to practice personal hygiene. This personal hygiene practice benefits a child for his lifetime.

The Practice of the Personal Hygiene in a Pre School Setting Essay Sample 

Hygiene practices do not allow any spreading of germs that can cause diseases and children must be taught the importance of creating healthy habits to reduce the risk of illnesses. Regular bath, self-care, and oral hygiene can limit the spread of cross-infection between children and adults.

In the early childhood education setting, the infection can be spread out through direct physical contact between people, surfaces, and objects. The child is also in regular contact with other children, adults, toys, furniture, food, utensils, and other equipment. This increases the risk of children spreading any infectious disease.

Methods used for Practicing Hygiene in the Early Learning Years

There are many care services for children who promote various methods of practising hygiene to minimize cross-infection in the early learning years. Educators and carers are there to educate children about personal hygiene daily.

Some practices for maintaining daily hygiene that is used by the carers and taught to the children in a preschool setting are:-

  • The first thing that must be taught to the children in their early years is washing their hands and keeping hygiene before or after eating the food. The carer must teach drying practice after washing their hands.
  • Keeping the restrooms, toilets, play areas, kitchen, eating spaces, and sleeping areas clean and well maintained. Toys and the other equipment must be kept clean and disinfected.

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  • Using appropriate toileting and nappy changing methods practice hygiene. Proper cleaning and drying of private parts of a child must be done and taught to him.
  • Using an appropriate method of cleaning the nose and covering of mouth while sneezing must be practised and taught to young children.
  • Procedures for handling wastes and disposal of bodily fluids such as contaminated items used for first aid or blood must be made.
  • Caregivers must teach children the importance of oral and dental hygiene that can be maintained by brushing the teeth twice a day and flossing teeth once a day.

The children mostly look up to their parents as role models for any habits. If the parents regularly take care of their dental hygiene he shall also follow in their footsteps.

  • Young children need to bathe regularly to maintain their health and hygiene but it also depends upon the individual needs of the child. Bathing a child regularly could be optional for a child with dry skin and a daily bath can deplete the natural oils from the skin of such a child.

Adults need to first supervise a child initially so that he can learn faster. They need to teach children about regulating the temperature of the water so that they don’t burn their skin. The use of gentle shampoos and soaps must be encouraged for the children as their skins are sensitive in comparison to the adults.

  • The soiled clothes must be washed separately by hand and the rest of the clothes can be put into the laundry room. After washing the clothes they must be dried at the right temperature otherwise it may cause skin disease and skin rashes. Children must also be taught to wash their clothes.
  • The water storage system must be cleaned and hygienic so does not to allow any bacteria to grow. The water supplies for the children in schools must be chlorinated or treated with an ultra violation and they must be instructed to use water filters only for water consumption.
  • Food safety hygiene is very important for children in an early childhood setting. To ensure food safety the supply of water must meet the standards of hygiene.

The kitchen in which the food is cooked must be hygienic. A high standard of personal hygiene must be maintained while cooking and the kitchen area must be cleaned along with cooking equipment. Carers involved in nappy changing must not handle food rather there must be a separate set of care workers for it.

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Food Safety Authority of Ireland 

Food Safety Authority of Ireland is an Irish food hygiene legislation that is responsible for meeting the food safety standards and hygiene in Ireland. It is applicable in all sizes of food businesses and sets out rules and regulations on food hygiene.

It includes the layout of the premises, temperature, equipment, waste, transport, personal hygiene, and training.

The food supplied to the early childhood setting by the food businesses has to follow the safety regulations and is mostly applicable to certain processed foods industry like fish, meat, milk, etc.

General Principles of Food Law’ under this legislation is important for setting out the food safety requirements and responsibilities of food business operators. It is applied to food stalls, mobile businesses, and home businesses. It makes placing unsafe food in the market an illegal act.

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The above sample mentions the status of hygiene in a pre-school setting and ways to maintain hygiene in the early years.

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