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Cognitive Theories of Autism – Ireland essay sample

The cognitive theories of autism provide a precise understanding of the nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The theories and models for autism suggest that children with autism have impairment in the development of social intelligence. Moreover, individuals with autism fail to understand others’ behavior and mental state. The students of Ireland preparing for theories of autism essay become capable of explaining behavioral symptoms of autism in social and imaginative activities. College students can take help from academic writers for developing a perfect essay on cognitive theories of autism.

Cognitive Theories of Autism - Ireland essay sample

Individuals with autism face difficulties in planning or switching from one activity to another. It is because people with ASD lack control and behavioral regulating skills. The students of Ireland need to research in-depth the three cognitive theories of autism and the characteristics associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The social life of the child depends on the aspects of social intelligence, and ASD affects the person’s mental state and actions. However, if the students are not able to prepare an efficient essay paper, then they can take help from the topmost essay writing company in Ireland.

What are the cognitive Theories of Autism?

  • The mindblindness theory

The theory of mind states that children without autism or any other disorder are capable of imagining their thoughts and feelings. However, children with autism face delays in developing a theory of mind. It is because the child having ASD is incapable of understanding other behavior and cannot predict what others are thinking. The theory of mind autism introduces the students to the fact that children with autism find other people’s behavior confusing, which lacks them to build relationships. The theory makes sense of the social and other communication difficulties and can be easily applied to all individuals who have ASD.

  • The extreme male brain theory

ES theory focus on two independent dimensions that is; E for empathizing and S for systemizing. Learning theories and autism explains why males are more prone to develop autism as compared to females. It tells the uneven cognitive profile, social-communication deficits, unusually narrow interests, and thinking skills. Empathizing is the drive that identifies a person’s emotions and how to respond with an appropriate thought. Systemizing helps in underlying rules that allow individuals to predict the behavior. People with autism lack reading, perceptions, body language, and expression ability.

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Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder lack a strong empathetic sense and possess an extreme male brain. However, people with autism can evaluate non-human systems like scientific phenomena and machines to the lowest level of detail. Understanding and controlling human systems help individuals with autism, they become capable of coping with logical and lawful systems.

  • Central Coherence Theory

The weak central coherence can explain deficits as well as strengths among individuals with autism. People with autism are capable of solving mathematical problems and participating in various activities. The child with ASD is incapable of picking out a tiny element from a mass of complex objects. However, central coherence activities make the child capable of focusing on creative skills and making them brilliant with numbers and art. The different method of perceptual, and cognitive processing makes the child with autism capable of processing incoming information for a higher-level meaning.

Sample essay on cognitive Theories of Autism

Title: How executive dysfunction explains the impairments in autism?

Executive function refers to the high-level cognition abilities helpful in controlling an individual’s actions. The individuals without autism can maintain an appropriate problem-solving set for the achievement of future goals. However, the child suffering from weak central coherence in the classroom lack in planning and monitoring of behavior, holding information in working memory, and performing automatic actions. An individual is not capable of taking information detail by detail while suffering from autism.

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