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Making Coffee Shop Business Plans Ireland

Making Coffee Shop Business Plans Ireland

Whenever a person thinks about opening or starting a coffee shop business he must come up with a standard model or business plan. Getting investors for the project depends upon the solid business plan or model.

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A business plan is a valuable tool that can help the business get off the ground by following the standard layout in the form of a document that is being divided into different sections.

Such sections may include the description of an organization, market research, sale strategies, competitive analysis, capital, labor requirement, and financial data.

Opening up a small coffee shop may include up to a minimum of 30 pages or less with the intention to get an investment in the plan. Investors always seek solid research and analysis which is presented in a concise form.

Any such business plan may include designs, photographs of the premises to make it more visually appealing. Any financial plan can be projected with the help of charts and graphs.

In this sample, we shall discuss about a detailed business plan of a renowned coffee shop in Dublin, Ireland. We will lay out a business plan for the “Kaph” coffee shop.

Title Page

Location – 31 Drury Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Telephone – +35316136030


Website –

Twitter – @kaphsc

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business or Industry Ownership
  3. Market Analysis and Competition
  4. Sales and Marketing Plan
  5. Ownership and Management Plan
  6. Operating Plan
  7. Financial Plan
  8. Appendices and Exhibits

Section 1 – Executive Summary

Chris Keegan along with his wife wanted to create neighbourhood cafe which will create fun and relaxed environment for people so they opened up this cafe. On 30th June 2013 the doors of our coffee shop was opened for the first time for the people in Drury Street of Dublin in Ireland.

Our coffee shop is serving the people right from the heart of the city. We serve the best caffeinated cups of coffee along with simple snacks including cakes, cupcakes and pastries.

Our seating arrangements are very simple with benches in the outdoors and beeline for the inside window seat. Coffee shops are spread all over in Dublin but Kaph Cafe has always managed to stand out with it’s minimalistic style and view.

There are many social clubs nearby Kaph Cafe for the people. Some of the popular clubs are Repair Cafe Dublin Sandymount, Granby Park, United Arts Club, Landsdowne Tennis Club, American Women’s Club of Dublin etc.

There are many illustrators and photographers who are lended this place to attract the customers and artists from all around the city. There are many popular artists and musicians who regularly visit our cafe like actor Gabriel Byrne and many Norwegian illustrators and photographers also comes to our location.

This location of the cafe is within the reach of most of the working class people and students as it is located in the centre of the city. It is located in South William Street which is the most interesting location in the city.

We have kept very unique tools and good sound system with minimum designs to make it not look like overly done. It is one of the best places for the office goers and illustrators to work on their laptops and to read books at a cozy relaxed spot.

Section 2 – Business or Industry Overview

Kaph coffee shop business has been trending in Ireland since it was opened in 2013. Since it’s location is on a very busy street the younger generation and office people can easily hangout with their friends and colleagues for having a good chat.

The location with high density of professionals and students provides an ideal market for a coffee shop like us. Quality of our food snacks, coffee and other beverages is considered to be the best in town.

Almost 6 out of 10 Irish adults drinks coffee once in a day and among all the European countries the Republic of Ireland have highest coffee consumption rate.

The Irish pubs situated in nearby areas are facing immense amount of competition from us due to the coffee culture among millenials.

We take our customers seriously when it comes to serving them quality drinks and coffee. We take care of the cups to texture of milk to authentic flavours that are used in the coffee.

As discussed above that we cater to the needs of the illustrators, students, artists and professionals coming from all walks of the city. We have created such a suitable environment for them so that they can enjoy their time with others.

Section 3 – Market Analysis and Competition

Our minimal hip coffeehouse serving 3FE coffee blends and tasty paleo snacks is a treat for the people away from the busy streets of Grafton.

Based on our customer survey their a strong demand of high end coffee shop in the central location serving great coffee on a sunny day with an outdoor seating arrangement.

Our target customers are readily available to us as there is a crowd of students and professionals studying and working in the nearby locations.

We are expecting to generate revenue on the basis of strong customer base with few competition.

We have the best online reviews of our cafe and also there are no good cafes nearby with a good wifi connection which makes business very smooth for us.

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Section 4 – Sales and Marketing Plan

We provide the best coffee and snacks to the customers on a regular basis. The speciality of our cafe is coconut soy flat white, 3 FE rich and blended coffee and freshly baked treats like grilled salmon, quinoa, salads etc.

Irish people have travelled and moved on from the crossly commercial to craft coffees and beers.

To increase our sales quality is always the prime requirement so we buy coffee beans from Colin Harmon’s 3FE. They are best in town and we are trained in it. We have hired employees who too are trained in this and knows their coffee.

Saturday afternoons are very busy as we open every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and remains close on Christmas and Stephens Day. Kaph is serving different 8 types of coffee using 18 to 19 gms to shot which is lightly roasted with high caffeine content.

Our sales have risen by 50% by now due to our special ‘flat whites’ and Matcha Latte which is a green tea served in Japan and China. We provide every form of payment mode to the customers.

Our prices are not very high and are usually very reasonable in comparison to the other coffee houses. We advertise on digital platforms through our facebook page, instagram page and twitter and also by posters, billboards and hoardings.

We have limited our waste by keeping a stock of Keep Cups which are resuable cups and discount is offered on these to our customers. In November 2017, we switched to compostable take away cups as they are recyclable and eco-friendly.

By May 2019 we have become complete compostable as we use compostable materials from straws to cups. This initiative towards the environment have increased our sales and customer base in town.

Section 5 – Ownership and Management Plan 

Chris Keegan and his wife enjoyed the artisan coffee abroad and they opened up this coffee shop. A very good decor of metal wall hanging upto two floors and a mannequin display has been used in sitting area.

We have three main employees working in the current location and their names are Marie (French), Mona (half German half Mayo) and Niko (Polish). Both the husband and wife co manage their business during opening hours. They both are trained in 3FE and have past experience of the food service management.

Section 6 – Operating Plan

  • The shop premises is almost of 2000 square ft with a modern indoor space which is well maintained in a definite location.
  • There is a 500 sq ft of outdoor setting with very light colours to make it look lively on a sunny winter morning.
  • Owners and staff are responsible for maintaining hygiene, cleaning, security and pest control of the place.
  • There are three fixed full time employees who are working in the shop during the working hours in a day while rest of them are part time employees.
  • Staff and also owners are responsible for regular discharge of duties regarding dishwashing, clearing tables, cooking, preparing coffees and cleaning washrooms.

Section 7 – Financial Plan

  • Kaph coffee generates $200000 in sales (USD) per year. We do not sell any product on credit and burden on personal expenses is very low as part time workers recieves no benefits.
  • For our break even analysis we assume a fixed cost of $11,650 per month including payroll, rent, utilities and running cost.
  • We need to sell about $15000 per month to break even according to the assumptions. Monthly revenue to break even will be $15,107.
  • Rental expenses is based on 2000 sq ft at 12.50 per sq ft. We had sales and marketing expenses of $12000 in the initial year.
  • We are a medium risk concern with steady cash flows.

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The above-written sample is based upon an Irish coffee shop business plan.

Business and Finance QQI Level 5 and 6, Business Management QQI Level 6, Practice of Selling QQI Level 5, Digital Marketing QQI Level 5, Marketing Practice QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to understand the business plans and marketing strategies.

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