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Supporting the Child after the Abuse Disclosure – Essay, Thesis Writing Idea

Children find it hard to open up about what has happened to them; however, there are some of the reasons why a child reveals being abused. There comes a time when children get worried about the consequences of abuse, and they want the abuser to get punished. Sometimes the child does not know what happened to them is abuse, and they continue to struggle to share what they are feeling. However, when children trust someone to tell about being abused, then they disclose it. The students of Ireland asking can anyone write my essay should consult the professional writing services offered by a reliable company.

Supporting the Child after the Abuse Disclosure - Essay, Thesis Writing Idea

A child can decide to disclose their experience of getting physically, socially, emotionally, or behaviorally abused by whom they trust. Individuals must deal with abuse disclosure sensitively and support the child patiently. Along with it, the child needs to ensure whether the person to whom they are disclosing abuse can help them or not. If the child is not able to find proper support from their parents or other individuals, then they cannot continue with abuse disclosure. Irish students can take help from professional assignment makers for preparing a knowledgeable essay paper in a short time.

How to respond after a child reveals abuse?

  • Be patient when a child is saying: Parents need to be patient and listen to their child care. When a child is telling about getting abused, then parents should not express their personal views, and if they do not believe what their child is saying then children can take back what they have said about getting abused.
  • Explain what to do next: Parents should encourage their children to take part in effective social activities. The child should know that their parents will report the abuse to someone who can help them.
  • Ask simple questions: If anyone tries to ask leading questions, then it can discourage the child to disclose the abuse. Parents can ask simple questions to clarify their doubts about the alleged abuser instead of demotivating children with complex issues.

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  • Treat with information confidentially: Parents attentively listen and keep the information secretly told by the child. Parents should acknowledge their feelings and respond patiently, empathically, and should use supportive language. The child should know that their parents will protect them after they discuss what has happened to them.
  • Support children with comfort: It is crucial to first check how the child is feeling about their safety while talking about child abuse. In addition to it, parents should remain calm and listen carefully to what their child is saying. By controlling the expressions of shock, pain, or disbelief, parents should maintain a calm appearance while talking with children.

Thesis writing sample on supporting the child after the abuse disclosure

Title: How to recognize different types of abuse?

Child abuse can be categorized into four main types, namely; emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and physical abuse. Parents can observe inadequate living conditions among the child, such as environmental issues, unhygienic conditions, and many other problems. Lack of encouragement and extreme overprotectiveness are some of the signs of emotional abuse that show that child is suffering from difficult situations. The safety of the child should be a primary concern of parents and to protect the child, it is necessary to find out whether the child is suffering from abuse or not.

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