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Importance of Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Childhood Years Essay Sample 

This essay sample will deal with the importance of literacy and numeracy in the early childhood years. It shall focus on the role of the family in the literacy and numeracy skills of a child in the early years.

Literacy and numeracy are important for the learning and overall development of a child in an early childhood education setting. It helps in increasing the productivity level of a child and his contribution to the economy of the country.

Importance of Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Childhood Years Essay Sample

Literacy and numeracy skills focus on the knowledge, learning, and holistic growth of a child in his early years.

Following are the four strategic ways to improve literacy and numeracy skills are:-

  • Providing quality and advanced training to the teachers and clear guidance for better and explicit teaching.
  • Effective intervention in the early years of education and learning.
  • Financial aid or support for literacy and numeracy in preschool and secondary level schooling.
  • Evaluation for investment in early years and focusing upon what exactly works.

Importance of literacy and numeracy for children 

  • Speaking, reading, numeracy, and writing are important skills that children learn daily. Independent reading and shared reading is important for enhancing imaginative and creative skills.

It develops oral and language skills and development of communication.

  • Numeracy skills focus on a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas to solve problems in daily life.
  • Singing, reading, writing, rhyming, and using numbers are activities that start even before a child enters school.

They also learn important skills from their parents at home which develops their personality and enhances growth.

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  • Children develop their conceptual skills and ideas to develop an understanding of different words with different meanings and usage.
  • Repeated hearing and reading of words make the children easily associate with such words.

Hearing or reading the same words, again and again, activates their mind and encourages them to use such words in their daily conversation. It enhances their vocabulary skills.

  • Similar sounds or words with the same meaning are categorized by them in a category that helps them to memorize and learn easily.
  • Mathematical problems like ordering, counting, matching, sequencing, and patterns are counted as skills. Recognizing numbers, identifying shapes while doing tasks, and learning structures, data, and figures are all analytical skills. This enhances critical thinking abilities and growth.
  • Early literacy and reading habits help the children to get prepared for school. It develops their language and interest in reading books.

They perform better than the rest of the children in the school and is an advantage in the early years. It develops their cognitive abilities and makes them fast learners.

  • Children with literacy and numeracy skills get better jobs than other people. They perform better and have great emotional and physical health.
  • Lack of these skills can lead the children into becoming alcoholics and drug addicts or adults with health risks. It also destroys their personality. While having these skills creates a vice-versa impact.

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Role of family in the literacy and numeracy in children 

The family has an important role and contribution to the enhancement of the literacy and numeracy skills of children.

We will discuss the activities, play, or roles through which the family could help the children in enhancing these skills.

  • Children could be instructed to help in doing the household chores and help in the counting of washed clothes. They should be told to count and keep the clothes in racks while also naming them. This will help them in improving their counting.
  • Get the child introduced to the library and attend sessions with them to get them familiar with books and storybooks. It will create a reading habit in them by increasing their knowledge.
  • Encourage them to play puzzles, board, ball, and singing games. Teaching them intelligent games like chess and monopoly could develop their minds and make them mature. It will develop their cognitive minds.
  • Parents can also encourage their children to be more creative by helping them write in different styles and draw. It improves creativity skills.
  • Teaching children a new language is a very effective method of improving their language, oral and communication abilities. This will also make them curious to learn new skills every day.
  • They can be told to put up the dining table and count the utensils after washing them.
  • Using a variety of words and phrases helps them to learn the framing of phrases and sentences through effective learning skills.
  • When parents share their stories or life experiences with their children it helps them to be more interactive and mature. They do not tend to repeat the same mistakes in their life. It also improves their communication and increases their confidence.

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The sample essay written above mentions the literacy and numeracy skills of children in their early years.

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