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Early Childhood Education Approaches for Irish Children Essay Sample Ireland

Early years education care is very important for the growth and development of children. It is a crucial stage of the development of children’s physical, mental, social, and emotional growth.

The following essay sample shall focus on the various positive approaches toward early childhood education in Ireland. Teaching in the early years promotes independence, depth of knowledge, learning, and good decision-making skills, enhancing the social skills and development of children.

Early Childhood Education Approaches for Irish Children Essay Sample Ireland

Effective teaching methods are adopted to teach children social concepts and enactment of social situations in life. They must learn through experiences in life and self-discovery.

Carers have the responsibility to enhance the emotional skills of children as it would help them to learn gratitude and obediency. This builds their personality and creates an effective learning environment for children. An early approach to education helps children to be more interactive and social.

Approaches to Early Childhood Education in Ireland 

There are many teaching and learning approaches to Early Childhood education in Ireland. These approaches promote the learning, growth, and development of Irish children. Some of the important approaches to early childhood education are:-

Inquiry Learning Approach

Inquiry Learning Approach is an inquiry, self evolve and discovery based learning process for Irish children. It improves the questioning and critical thinking abilities of a child. Children try to explore new ideas, concepts, and skills through this learning approach.

Children under this learning approach involve planning, organizing, investing, self-discovering, exploring, making proposals, and giving solutions to problems.

They also communicate their learning experience and share their knowledge of concepts and understanding.

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Event-based approach 

There is a practical enactment or execution of events and learning from such events. Children in this approach plan, invest, solve problems, learn from their practical experiences and learn from play. They imitate social situations to understand concepts and situations.

The direct approach in teaching

There is a structured syllabus and methods of teaching that is being followed by the teachers for children. Teaching skills are demonstrated well by the teachers by following a certain pattern of teaching instructions.

Play-based Learning Approach

Learning through play, imaginative skills, a recreation of images in mind, and an engagement with playing objects. Learning through this approach is possible by recreating experiences by children while playing. They also enact character role-play and their conversation gives an idea about the mindset of children. This improves the learning environment, social skills, and oral language skills of the children.

Project Approach 

The project approach is mostly an accumulation of resources, collective effort, and energy of children. They effectively learn and explore through this approach.

The teacher needs initiation to involve a group of children or class to explore and research on a particular topic. It helps them to do effective teamwork and cooperation.

It improves the communication and social skills of children creating strong bonds and friendships amongst them. It is an interactive session for the social development of children.

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Explicit Approach of Teaching Instruction 

The explicit instruction approach is from teachers to the students. It is an instruction-based learning approach. It focuses mainly on the learning skills of children.

This approach helps in in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts. It helps teachers to examine the involvement and participation of students in class discussions and debates.

They encourage students to speak, communicate and take active participation in school plays, dramas, and in other cultual events.

Blended Approach of the learning process

The blended approach of learning is combined with the other approaches of the learning process. Benefits are drawn from both approaches by children.

Children with different cultural values, family backgrounds, faith, and beliefs need different types of learning approaches and teaching methods. A suitable method of teaching must be adopted for each individual child. Every child has a different personality and understanding level. This blended approach will turn out to be an effective learning process for children.

Benefits of different approaches to early years education for children in Ireland 

  • Different types of approaches in the early years help Irish children to grow, learn, evolve, and improve their problem-solving skills.
  • It helps them to be adaptive and promotes the social and intellectual experiences of children.
  • Learning approaches in childhood helps the children to become active learners and independent decision-makers.
  • This also improves verbal communication skills and processes in children.
  • Children face new challenges through different approaches that enhance their thinking abilities.

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The above sample essay is written to discuss the approaches in Early childhood education. It states various learning and teaching approaches for Irish children and the benefits of such approaches.

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