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Approaches to Pedagogy and Curriculum Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample work shall highlight the meaning of the pedagogy and curriculum, pedagogy in support of the curriculum, approaches to teaching through pedagogy, and types of pedagogies.

“Pedagogy” is a teaching approach that affects the learners and helps in developing the thinking abilities of the students. It is a science or art of teaching which studies the teaching methods.

It is formed by the educator’s teaching beliefs and cultural aspects of the students which ensure different ways of learning. It helps in building a  meaningful relationship between the learners and educators.

Pedagogy is different from the curriculum as the latter defines the course study that needs to be taught to the students. While pedagogy means a theory-based or practical method of teaching learners.

Students can develop their skills, personalities, and attitudes with the help of the pedagogy approach. While curriculum presented to the students helps in achieving their needs and goals and in achieving meaningful learning.

“Curriculum” is a standard course of study that helps the learners in gaining knowledge and skills specific to the field. It intends to teach certain subjects or can be called a set of courses in a field of study which may include social behaviors, thinking skills, etc.

It is a framework which shows that what students are expected to learn during the course. It is a guideline for the teachers and a roadmap for the performance of students where different subject matters are being taught to the students.

Approaches to Teaching through Pedagogies 

There are mainly five different types of pedagogical approaches to teaching. Each approach is suitable for a certain distinct type of classroom setting and cannot be used for every kind of classroom.

Instead, a teacher can use a definite combination of all the five approaches for teaching, and such an integrative teaching benefits both educators and learners.

  • Constructivist Approach – In this type of approach learners are actively engaged into the learning process and draws meaningful knowledge out of the learning material. It helps them to get a deeper knowledge, experience and understanding of the learning material.
  • Collaborative Approach – Students in a group learn actively from the study material and helps each other to learn concepts. Each one of them contributes to help each other with the help of small group instruction. They have a collaborative aporoach and effort to learning.
  • Inquiry Based Approach – Real and practical problems are posed in front of the students. They research upon these problems along with questioning concepts and learning from materials with the help of this approach. It is a problem solving approach where they learn through an opportunity to solve the questions and not even realize that they are learning for real. It can be used in project based learning.
  • Integrative Approach – In this approach different academic disciplines are being involved in this process where a common language is used for the purpose of teaching students. It is very beneficial for enhancing the reading and writing skills of a student along with proficiency in different languages. The material  learned from one classroom can be used in other and can be easily integrated.
  • Reflective Approach – This approach is meant for the teacher who reflects upon the ways of teaching methods, assessment, lessons, projects etc. Reflection is needed to identify the loopholes and improve in the the future for the students to facilitate teaching and learning.

Pedagogy in support of Curriculum 

Pedagogy is very effective for the students who are willing to learn new concepts, skills and deeper knowledge and understanding of the matter that can be easily be applied to their environment. It can be applied to their home, society, community, situations and experiences.

Educators can teach the students the subject matter to apply it and to collectively work together on it. After the pedagogical process has been developed it can develop a course material and activities for challenging the intellectual minds of the students which will help in the cognitive development.

Having an advanced learning material to study can deepen their knowledge to a higher level. It ensures a healthy relationship between the teacher and students where the instructions are followed by the students. They give their feedback, ideas and opinions which helps in exploring the concepts.

They can apply their knowledge in the real world and students learn that which learning process is the most suitable for them and keeps them engaged in this process.

Types of Pedagogy

There are four different types of pedagogy teaching approaches applied in a different classroom setting. They are namely (1) Social Pedagogy, (2) Critical Pedagogy, (3) Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and (4) Socratic Pedagogy.

Social Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy is considered to be important for the students and for their overall development and wellbeing. It supports the social growth of the student for an entire lifetime. It is applied in education and human beings are social animals. Education is needed for socializing and communicating effectively with others which can vary in different countries as they have different cultures and social traditions.

Critical Pedagogy

It helps the students to question their own opinions, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and practices which helps them to become critical thinkers involving critical theories and radical philosophies. Students understand the deeper meaning of the subject matter and the root cause of the problems. It helps the students to understand the underlying principle of any concept analyzing relationships.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 

It is applied to the multi-cultural classroom where students have different needs and such needs are being catered to with the help of this pedagogy approach. The cultural differences between the students are being recognized by the teachers and then responded to. Different methods of the approach of learning are used in collaboration and learner’s needs are nurtured to help them achieve their goals. It is adaptable to different cultural practices.

Socratic Pedagogy 

Students in a democratic state can actively develop their social skills and intellectual skills. They create their own knowledge and meaning by sharing a dialogue with others. When curriculum in collaboration with inquiry-based learning helps in opening the cognitive minds of the children and they can challenge traditional knowledge.

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The above sample mentions the approaches to pedagogy and curriculum and various learning and teaching aspects of it.

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