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Lean Six Sigma Essay Sample

The following essay sample shall focus upon the Lean Six Sigma method used in the businesses, six sigma certification (yellow belt, green belt, black belt), benefits of lean six sigma, and names of the six sigma courses in Ireland.

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The lean six sigma is a method that has an effective collaborative team effort for the removal of waste in a systematic manner. This method has the goal to reduce any such variation for optimal quality control.

There are eight wastes in total that have been analyzed by the lean methodology and businesses can optimize their operations and effectively manage the production processes by removing waste.

The lean six sigma method improves the operational efficiency of the business processes. Six sigma and lean method are two methodology which is combined together and is used for the purpose of offering relevant training to the employees of the various industries.

The lean method has the primary focus upon operational efficiency and identifies steps to make effective utilization of resources. While six sigma emphasizes the elimination of errors within processes.

These two combined methods can be applied in Finance, Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc. It ensures an increase in the productivity level of the employees, growth in revenue, and overall customer satisfaction.

The goal of any change is to implement and deliver maximum benefit to the customers. The success of any project depends upon the meeting of the market demands and there must be a clear standard of quality of the product.

It eliminates the eight kinds of waste, defects, inventory, extra processing, over-production, non-utilized talent, transportation, etc. It helps in the reduction of defects in the process and provides the framework for organizational culture change. It is a growth-oriented change that increases the productivity level.

Six Sigma Certification 

This lean six sigma certification is a unique method to improve upon the abilities of a leader in an organization. It helps in the development of the business processes.

The six sigma certification has three levels as a yellow belt, green belt, and black belt. Employees can select any level which is the most appropriate to the goals of their career.

  • Yellow belt – It is a particular level in which the employee learns the basics of six sigma and is in support and association with the improvement projects in the six sigma team. Such a person leads the six sigma team.
  • Green Belt – In this particular level, the person gets training for the effective implementation of the lean six sigma. It includes the teaching data collection and analysis of the improvement projects.
  • Black Belt – This level is meant for the team leaders who have to manage the big improvement projects. It helps in the problem-solving projects which give a detailed understanding of the lean six sigma method.

Principles of the Lean Six Sigma 

For any project to get successful, to get the best results or outcomes of a process stream the lean six sigma principles can be applied in the organization.

Some of the principles of lean six sigma are:-

Focus on the customer 

Every business process must be customer-oriented as their needs are the ultimate priority of any business enterprise. It sets the standards of quality of products in the market. The decisions must be in alliance with the needs of the customers which helps the company to deliver the maximum value.

Understanding the working of the processes 

The current state of process and improvements must be made aware to the employees working in the organization. Value stream must be identified properly before any application of lean six sigma.

The value six sigma map can be made to illustrate, explain and analyze the steps in the production or service process in the flow chart. The detailed steps in the process must be identified which helps in understanding the cause of issues or problems and loopholes in the process.

Removal of waste and nonvalue added steps in the process

When lean method and six sigma are both combined together to remove waste which adds value to the final product and meets the needs of the customers. Waste must be acknowledged, measured, and be made accountable for and later on be reduced or eliminated. The steps of the process adding no value must be eliminated.

Increase in standardization

For the organizations, a more cost-effective process and higher customer satisfaction need to be achieved by increasing the standardization and reducing the variation.

Communication within team

Any business needs to create an effective communication channel and new standards and practices of communication must be created within the organization. The management needs to guide and instruct the employees to perform tasks and they receive training and feedback on new processes as well.

Benefits of the Lean Six Sigma

The lean six sigma method has many benefits for the organizations which makes it economical and changes the overall attitude of the employees and organizational functions.

  • The lean six sigma helps in the reduction of operational cost of the organizations and increases the profitability margin of the business. It eliminates waste and improves production quality.
  • It is less likely to have an error in this process and is easier to be followed by the organizational team. It removes the unnecessary steps to streamline production and eliminates waste. It reduces the cost per head and saves time.
  • Lean sigma is very beneficial for the employees and motivates them to perform better at their jobs. It helps in improving self-esteem and confidence. It helps in focusing upon the importance of ideas and employees’ individual performance towards the success of the organization.
  • It allows the companies to improve their business processes and the quality of products. It helps in the more number of production of products at a cheaper price which ensures customers satisfaction. It leads to the building of brand image and retaining customer loyalty.
  • Lean six sigma improves the professional life or career of the employees by making them stand out from the rest in the competition. It facilitates employment with a better salary.

Training under the six sigma certification helps the employees to prepare for the leadership role. Six sigma black belt facilitates promotion at the job, increases the revenue of the organization, reduces cost, and enhances staff involvement in the organization.

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Five Phases of the Lean Six Sigma Process

There are five phases or stages of the lean six sigma method and its application. This process is based on the DMAIC approach where the D stands for ‘Define’, M stands for ‘Measure’, A stands for ‘Analyze’, I stands for ‘Improve’ and C stands for ‘Control’.


The problem area related to the project must be well defined and its scope is well explained. The concerns raised by the customers must be well defined and such issues must be addressed on time. These problems arise from the employees, services, advertising, and marketing. Such problems must be a long-existing issue which creates hindrance in the smooth functioning of the process.


The collection of data that is made available, summarizing and describing the problem, creating a plan to gather information is part of measuring the performance of the process. The tools must be used to understand the problem properly.


The performance of the process must be properly analyzed by acting upon the problem. Such an analysis of the problem can be done with the help of statistical and qualitative analysis which helps in solving the problem.


Selection of solution to be made to the problem that arises within the organization. The solution must be appropriate for the root cause of the problem where it should be made in accordance with the issues of the customers. Such a cause must be addressed with proper improvement initiative.


Such a process which has been improved already needs to make sure that the goals of the customers are met. The improved process to be standardized across the organization for similar problems in the future. This allows projects to be successful by implementing standardized improvements.

Names of the Six Sigma Courses in Ireland 

The lean six sigma method was designed for making important improvement within the organization which detects and eliminates the waste and make the company work effectively.

Some of the six sigma courses in Ireland are:-

  • A lean black belt training course
  • Lean six sigma green belt
  • Lean six sigma green belt NFQ award Level 7 certification
  • Lean six sigma white belt certificate
  • Lean six sigma yellow belt
  • Six sigma – specialist diploma
  • Lean six sigma – black belt certificate with ASQ exam preparation.

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The above sample mentions the lean six sigma method meant for improving the business processes and for removing waste.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt QQI, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training QQI Level 7, Business Management Course QQI Level 6, Advanced Certificate in Business QQI Level 6 students can benefit from reading this sample above which focuses on the various aspects of lean six sigma.

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