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Listening and Non-Verbal Communication in Healthcare Essay

Effective communication is vital for patient-centered and quality healthcare. The healthcare staffs, as well as workers, are aware of the continued emphasis on various quality standards.

When the students of Ireland get assigned healthcare essay writing tasks, it becomes essential to highlight the importance of non-verbal communication in patient interactions. The students can consider FETAC Level 5 assignment solutions while preparing for an academic essay.

Listening and Non-Verbal Communication in Healthcare Essay

Generally, the majority of day-to-day communication is non-verbal, which stresses its importance as crucial in human interactions. The ability to listen and use non-verbal communication is a powerful tool that helps healthcare professionals to connect with their patients positively. Gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice reflect how healthcare providers treat their coworkers and patients.

Practical strategic examples to improve non-verbal communication

  • Healthcare supporters can maintain appropriate eye contact with their patients by smiling. It is beneficial for the providers to not stare by dealing with stress.
  • It is beneficial for the healthcare staff to show interest in what the patient is saying. For showing their interest, professionals can avoid gazing out of the window, taping fingers, yawing, looking at the clock, and other non-verbal actions.
  • It is necessary to avoid such non-verbal activities which can indicate that you are feeling bored or you are in a hurry. It is preferable to show or make the patient feel that you are engaged.
  • Healthcare workers should avoid disapproving or judgmental attitudes. Even it is better to consider healthcare assignment writers and encourage the patient to share relevant information.
  • Always nod your head while listening. It indicates that you have an interest while managing the patient’s complaint.

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Importance of having non-verbal with patients

Healthcare providers should have a deep awareness of their listening and non-verbal communication skills to recognize any problematic change. There come certain situations in the profession of healthcare providers that require triggering with some adverse non-verbal reactions. The awareness, as well as preparation, can help healthcare supporters to control non-verbal behaviors.

The ways of non-verbal communication can help in bringing the patient’s message effectively. Healthcare supporters can act as more effective communicators by following the non-verbal ways of communication. By considering free samples provided by Irish writers, the Irish students can understand mutual respect in-between healthcare professionals and patients through non-verbal communication. Some of the effective non-verbal communication techniques have been analyzed to understand their influence on healthcare professionals.

Disadvantages of having non-verbal communication with the patient

  • Non-verbal communication has no rule or structure to follow another communication system. That is why; long conversations are sometimes not possible between the patients and healthcare supporters.
  • Sometimes, it requires many repetitions to understand what the patient is saying.
  • It is challenging to create an impression on listeners as non-verbal communication is less influential. It leads to some challenges for healthcare professionals while communicating with patients.

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How do non-verbal communications affect relationships between patients and clients?

  • Silence is one of the ways of non-verbal communication, which helps in making healthcare professionals understand the patient’s problem. By remaining silent, the healthcare supporters can focus on what the patient is saying and detect nuances behind their statements. It helps healthcare providers to understand the concern of patients effectively.
  • The healthcare providers can use nodding, positioning their bodies, and keeping hands to the side to face the patients. Nursing essay writing sends a positive message which reveals how much the professional is interested in the conversation with the patient.
  • The eyes and mouth are powerful facial features that show understanding and trust between the patients and healthcare supporters. It helps in connecting the healthcare providers with the patients.
  • Some facial expressions like communicating emotions, smiling, and attitude are more effective than words. It shows the willingness of the healthcare provider to attend to the patient’s needs and their caring attitude as well. It helps in building a strong relationship between patients and healthcare providers.

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