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Sample Essay on Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare

Effective Communication is a benchmark in healthcare procedures. Also, Students practicing healthcare, and nursing courses in Ireland must understand the importance of good communication.

Thus, in this very piece of writing, we shall be highlighting the Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare. What are the barriers in the path of effective communication? How can one improve communication in healthcare?  etc., these questions will also be entertained in this article.

Sample Essay on Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare

Communication” in general, involves a dialogue between the involved parties. It includes the sender, receiver, and message. Now, in all the cases in the healthcare world, the process of communication may not be the same. Because, the patients that the doctors, healthcare workers, and the nurses belong to different cultural backgrounds. Also, the language may act as a barrier. Thus, there is a lot to be improvised while communicating. Hence, healthcare communication strategies play a vital role.

What is the Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare?

Communication techniques in healthcare should be efficacious. An effective communication role begins when a patient comes to consult a doctor. Any disease or physical disability requires to be discussed thoroughly with your physician. So, for that, both the doctor and the patient should be expressive in their dialogues. Now, if the patient is introverted or less responsive then his/her treatment may not take a proper path. On the other hand, if he talks about his history, previous medications, mental disturbances, or major concerns with the doctor, he can get help in a superior way.

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Secondly, the scenario may be that the patient is suffering from mental illness. In that case, communication becomes much more pivotal. The healthcare professionals, workers, and nurses should ensure that they tackle the patient compassionately. The softer you are with the patient, the better is your relationship with him/her. Also, you need to assure him that he will soon recover from his state of illness. And, only good communication and healthy camaraderie can help your patient come out of his problems.

Moreover, the better is the behavior and communication of a doctor the more effective his practice will be. His patients will be willing to talk to him regarding their issues. Thus, communication in healthcare is of the utmost importance.

Barriers in Communication in Healthcare:

There are several barriers to communication in healthcare. We will be enlisting some of them in this paragraph. Cultural diversification may act as a barrier to communication. Patients and healthcare workers are culturally different.

Moreover, social backgrounds also impact the manner of communication. That is to say, some healthcare workers might be very soft and polite whereas others can be arrogant.

So, the need is to understand that healthcare workers need to deal with some compassionate care. The nurses and healthcare workers should try and work on their interpersonal skills. Hence, this will help in establishing a healthy atmosphere and provides comfort to the patients.

Additionally, in some cases, miscommunication may also be seen in hospitals. Due to this, some issues arise in care work. These barriers can be eradicated by:

  • Organizing seminars for health care workers.
  • Creating awareness regarding the need for good and effective communication in healthcare.
  • Taking steps to overcome miscommunication due to cultural disparity.
  • Developing good communication strategies.
  • making some important guidelines and strict regulations for healthcare workers.
  • Rude behavior with the patients should be intolerant.

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