Essay Example on Reflection of Personal Experiences in Care Work

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Here we are sharing a sample on “Reflection of personal experiences in care work”

TopicReflection of personal experiences in care work

Care is an active concern for a person or a thing. Care workers are those people who take the job of carer. Mostly those people who choose their career as a carer have a natural passion for helping others. I was one of them, as I always had a passion for helping people.

It started with the little experience of childhood when I cared for a dog for one day who belonged to my friend. My friend went to his grandma’s house and I was babysitting that dog. I gave a bath to the dog and whipped him, then gave him food.

When he slept I was just looking at him thinking that giving and caring gives some internal satisfaction which can be greater than any feeling of gain. And at that age, I decided to opt for the social carer job. And definitely it was the best decision as after opting for it I realized that you can make a significant contribution to someone’s life and especially when they need support and companionship.

My career in Personal care

Strangely or I say fortunately I got the opportunity in my early career days to work in the social care department for children in Ireland and presently reached the position of a director of children’s services. I worked for the working class children who did not have any proper qualifications. In the early days, I worked as an officer in charge of the children’s home and took care of the young people’s requirements.

Sooner I realized that my care made a difference to the attitude of the young ones which motivated me further to work for them. I volunteered as a teacher to them and taught them the basic qualification. It was amazing to see their progress and their zeal to live.

It is strange that how we affect people’s lives can change their life in a positive direction or the opposite and I was glad that I made a positive change in the life of young ones. So whenever someone is working as a carer, you should not underestimate the effect you can make. Maybe, later on, you don’t remember the person but their growth can reflect your good intentions and hard work. So keep working as results can be seen in the short term as well as in the long term.

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Some reflections on my experiences of working in personal care

One of my personal experiences in taking care of Hardy who was depressed as he did not have any friends. I mostly saw him sitting nearby the window where he used to sit silently for the long term. In starting I enquired about him to the authorities so checked his past and experiences he had. He had an alcoholic father and his mother died of an extra dose of drugs.

He also had a bit of effect of drugs on his mind. Before it used to make me panic that my all efforts to make him talk were useless. In that case, I took guidance from seniors and psychologists and patiently tried to play or talk to him. Slowly he opened up emotionally and shared his experiences of being beaten up by his father.

I listened to all things quietly and tried to console him with an empathetic gesture. It took several months but the love and care changed his personality into a happy going kid who started helping other young people. This experience of mine made me more patient and consistent in my approach.

I also had some experiences with sick children who gradually improved in health due to extra care and affection shown by me and other carers. In that case, my experience taught me that not only medicine is needed to cure a patient but also care is valuable in that regard.

But whoever works as a carer faces unique requirements and challenges and requires a select set of characteristics that are needed in a person so that the person can enrich the experience of personal care. According to my experiences, personal care needs to have these characteristics

  • A Caring Nature
  • Professional Or Personal Care Experience
  • Availability & Flexibility
  • Listening & Communication skills
  •   Responsible and Resilient
  • Sensitive and empathetic
  • Good planner

In my experience of personal care, I realized that one requires putting personal needs aside in front of the requirements of others. It needs a lot of adaptability in different environments.

Continuous improvement in the carer’s approach is also needed to have desirable improvement results in anybody’s life. If you want to have a career in care work then be patient with persistence.

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