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Essay sample on Resources conflict related to Care provision

Conflict is considered as a normal part of human life. Due to diverse needs, disagreements are common among human beings. Generally associated with frustration, raised voices, and heated arguments, conflict is inevitable to care provision. Sometimes, teamwork also gets affected due to conflict in the workplace, which directly affects the quality of care as well as the working environment. Conflicts generally grow and can become a major problem if left untreated or not managed appropriately.

Resources conflict is a critical problem in healthcare industries that affect patient care as well as productivity. Conflicts occur in healthcare organizations due to the general differences in values and personalities. To enjoy a healthy working environment in the care provision, it’s vital to manage conflicts promptly. It is a crucial task for students to recognize the reason behind the conflict and figure out a solution to avoid the foremost consequences in the future.

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The conflict between healthcare providers

A senior healthcare professional involving their subordinates in the process of decision making shows their respect and hard work. However, if the senior professional does not involve or give responsibility to the junior nurse then it can lead to an unfavorable working environment. The reason of conflicts found in the care provider can be due to various reasons:

  • The senior care providers may feel insecure about their position. Hence, to protect their position they may misguide the new nurses.
  • Bullying and an aggressive attitude between healthcare supporters can make the situation worse and decrease the quality of care.
  • Personal disliking is also an issue that can hinder the performance of healthcare providers and provoke major conflicts.

Conflicts with patients

Sometimes the interaction of healthcare providers with patients is not in a favorable situation. Each patient has their healthcare problems and needs due to which they expect nurses to help them in overcoming the stress. The reason for conflicts between nursing professionals and patients can be due to various reasons:

  • Sometimes, nurses are not capable to meet the physical and emotional needs of the patient. In such a situation, the patient can claim that the care provided is not according to the injury.
  • Even the calmest people can become angry or aggressive in sickness due to which nurses find it difficult to handle patient’s needs.

Factors contributing to conflicts at healthcare centers

  • Lack of communication: It is common to observe that when misunderstandings occur at any workplace then team members start avoiding other’s instructions. It results in a communication gap between healthcare providers. Sometimes, they even start ignoring the rules of the organization, which results in decreasing the quality of care. However, if the care providers are capable to understand the non-verbal messages, make arguments, and show a willingness to cooperate then they can reduce the chances of conflicts.
  • Insecurity: When a new staff joins, the insecurity between the existing staff arises. It leads to a negative working environment and results in a reduction in the quality of care. Thus, it’s better to stop making wrong assumptions that result in conflicts.
  • Team errors: Healthcare teams often face errors while providing care and face misunderstandings. If the team does not work with co-operation then they can face various problems.

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Sample on resources conflict related to care provision

Title: How to minimize resource conflicts related to care provision?

In today’s working environment, conflict is inevitable where individuals can find various people having considerably working values, lifestyles, and personality styles. Conflicts play a negative role and can impact on quality care. Moreover, managing conflict in the working environment, especially in the care homes is a challenging task due to the added pressures placed on the management team and lack of medical resources. By taking the following steps, workplace conflicts can be minimized:

  • Offering conflict resolution training: By helping employees at the workplace or healthcare centers, the negative impact of conflict can be reduced. It requires the development of necessary conflict resolution skills required by staff. It helps in boosting up the confidence of people to resolve any form of conflict both personally as well as professionally. Along with it, providing conflict resolution training at work enables people to address minor conflicts effectively instead of allowing those conflicts to relapse into several distractions.

  • Providing training for communication skills: Poor communication serve as one of the major reasons for the care provision conflict. Thus, one of the crucial courses that should be offered to healthcare supporters is regarding communication skills. It helps care providers to communicate more efficiently and allow them to work confidentially with management and colleagues.

  • Increase positive work relationships: It is the responsibility of the care providing leaders to take care that the staff feels comfortable while providing quality care. They should create better opportunities for social interaction outside as well as inside. Face-to-face discussions, online meetings, emails, and voice mails are all beneficial at the workplace that encourages robust communication channels.

  • Take apart personal feelings from the problem: Managing conflicts in the care-related environment involves neutral and unbiased meditation. When the issue doesn’t include negligence, it becomes crucial to focus on what is right. Arguing or placing blame on other people will not help healthcare providers to achieve anything. It will only increase the stress level amongst the workers and can also reduce the possibility of resolving conflict issues. Thus, it becomes efficient to encourage all the staff members to set their feelings and personal thoughts aside and think logically about the disagreements while providing care.

  • Be patient: Being a healthcare provider, if any individual finds himself in a heated argument; it becomes crucial to understand the situation and remain calm. It is a good practice to acknowledge their views and thoughts. After some time, the supporters can explain the issue related to the conflict politely and calmly.

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