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Child Bullying – A report writing sample on Signs and Symptoms of

Bullying refers to the deliberate misuse of power in relationships through physical, verbal, and social behavior. The signs and symptoms of bullying in a child can cause social, physical, and even psychological harm. Bullying can involve any group of individuals misusing their power over one or more persons. Bullying can happen in school, work, or at any place, which has the potential to get repeated over time. Physical bullying, which includes kicking, punching, hitting, or damaging the property, can cause short and long-term effects on children. The students of Ireland can take help from Irish assignment makers for developing an effective essay paper.

For any reason, bullying can have immediate or long-term effects on individuals who are incapable of stopping it from happening. There are different signs and symptoms of bullying and harassment abuse experienced by children, adults, and even older adults. Some of the signs and symptoms of bullying are easy to spot, while others are quite delicate. Verbal bullying, which includes insults, verbal abuse, calling, or teasing, starts harmlessly. However, verbal bullying can worsen to high levels, which can affect individual behavior. By taking help from trained essay writers, the students can submit a knowledgeable essay paper in front of their teachers.

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Signs and symptoms of bullying

  • School signs of bullying: Children do not want to go to school due to bullying. Many children who have suffered from bullying get frightened of walking to school. The grades of the child begin to fall due to bullying at school. The child gets insecure or scared due to bullying.
  • Behavioral and emotional signs of bullying: Parents can observe changes in the eating and sleeping patterns of the child. The child can become withdrawn and starts stammering due to bullying. Generally, children suffering from bullying begin to target siblings, and they refuse to talk about what is wrong. Anger and frequent tears are the common signs and symptoms of bullying in school which shows that child is suffering from behavioral disabilities.
  • Physical signs of bullying: The child can come home with damaged or missing belongings if someone has bullied them. Children have unexplained cuts, bruises, and scratches due to bullying.

What are the effects of bullying?

Bullying at work includes pushing, spreading rumors, undermining, hitting, and even threatening others. Anyone who has low self-esteem or is introverted is at high risk of bullying. The effects of bullying can last for a long time into adulthood. Children who are bullied have fewer friendships, and they have problems while adjusting to school and other activities. Moreover, children who get bullied start facing health problems like anxiety, depression, and many more.

The signs of bullying can force children as well as young ones to self-harm and even suicide. Even successful people are also bullied by someone when others are jealous of them, or sometimes family circumstances can become the reason for getting affected by bullying. All the individuals who are affected by bullying can suffer harm in their life and are not readily accepted by others.

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Sample on signs and symptoms of bullying report writing

Title: How can parents support children suffering from bullying?

Parents can experience a wide range of emotions when they discover their child is being bullied. It becomes essential for parents to talk with their children about the signs and symptoms of bullying and ask them if anything serious has happened to them. Children can feel embarrassed, ashamed, or scared of getting bullied, but parents need to help their children. Moreover, parents can talk to the school about their child getting bullied as it is the responsibility of the school to protect children from bullying. Parents should encourage their children to do what makes them happy, like playing, music, or drawing.

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