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Essay Sample on the Spiritual Needs of Patients

Provide Spiritual Care to Patients, especially to the elderly involves addressing their emotional, physical, social, behavioral, and spiritual needs. One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare professionals is to offer comfort to patients. Real and complete healthcare of old patients is possible if the supporters remain sensitive to the spiritual needs of patients. The nursing profession demands consideration of body, spirit, and mind, and the relationship between them. Patients suffering from spiritual stress enter an unfamiliar environment; hence the care system is essential to provide care to such patients.

Spiritual needs are well-connected with the social, physical, and emotional needs of an individual. The patients suffering from chronic diseases tolerate physical discomfort along with spiritual stress. Assessing the spiritual needs of the patients is crucial to provide effective spiritual care. The students preparing assignments on the spiritual needs of patients should identify how spiritual well-being affects suffering at the end of life.

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What are the spiritual needs of the patient?

Many students think spirituality as a part of religion and faith. However, spirituality is not only about religion. It is because, whether an individual follows a religion or not, he or she still has spiritual needs throughout life. Generally, spiritual needs include:

  • The need to feel peace, gratitude, and hope
  • The need for purpose and meaning in our lives
  • The need to feel being loved or to love
  • The need to experience a sense of belonging

However, being spotted by a terminal illness usually causes the patient to think about loss, death, and grief, in certain ways that they have not thought before. Some old patients with a deadly illness may want to reflect on the meaning of their life. Additionally, a spiritual practice involving religion becomes a vital part of patients when they approach the end of their life.

How to provide spiritual care to patients?

  • Listen enthusiastically: One of the best ways to offer spiritual care to the patients is to ask them what are their needs. Healthcare professionals should motivate patients to talk by asking open-minded questions and providing reflective comments. Whenever a patient expresses his or her spiritual needs, show them concern. It’s recommendable to help patients by maintaining a matter of fact and make them understand that they are thinking a lot concerning what lies forward.
  • Reflect and remember: The healthcare supporters should help the patient to think about past experiences. They can ask them to tell what types of things have comforted them in previous times. Nursing professionals can help patients to remember the support they have received in the past from friends, family, or relatives.
  • Use inspirational words: Many patients find comfort in reading inspirational texts or materials. The nurses can provide patients with good stuff to read of their choice. If possible, they can even arrange for the patient to listen to music according to their selection.

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Sample on spiritual needs of patients essay

Title: What things should healthcare supporters avoid while providing spiritual care?

Healthcare providers should not debate about religion or try to inflict personal spiritual views on older patients. It’s not good to answer unanswerable questions of the patients or to fix something that supporters don’t even know about. The nurses should understand that spiritual care supports quality of life. Hence, providing spiritual care to the patient promotes all aspects of healing and quality health. Moreover, performing spiritual needs assessment can be beneficial to provide spiritual care to patients.

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