Sample on 4 Affecting Factors ( social, mental, physical, Environmental) for health and well-being

The students of Ireland need to analyze the theoretical observations along with the practical skills while observing for all 4 affecting factors (Social, mental, physical and environmental) for health and well-being. The main motive of assigning students with various healthcare report writings is to make them understand the importance of being healthy and well-being.

Along with health and well-being, different concepts get used like stress-related illness, mental illness, mental health, and many more. It becomes necessary for the students to identify the factors which affect health and well-being while preparing for report writings. It can be learning skills, stimulation, and sense of belonging, positive self-concept, hygiene, nutrition, and many more, which are direct with the need for being healthy.

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Report writing on health and well-being has a vital role in promoting health among children, young adults, and older people. The students of Ireland need to make a proper plan and can discuss effectively for writing about the health and well-being of individuals. Planning and starting writing tasks is beneficial for the students to highlight the main factors affecting health and well-being.

Learning in health and well-being ensures that the students develop understanding, knowledge, skills, attributes, and capabilities for being mental and social well-being. It is a creative task that enhances their learning experiences as well as academic grades.

Socio-economic factors affecting health and well-being

Such factors are associated with the place of the person in society. In short, these are the factors that depend on individual reputation in the community. It can directly affect the health of an individual:

  • Gender affects the types of diseases and illnesses that people get. There are some of the diseases which are found more in men like heart attacks. Similarly, some disorders are more likely in women as compared to men. The students have to identify those social factors which affect the health and well-being of men and women.
  • Social class is the factor that affects the health and well-being of humans. Infant mortality rates are higher in lower-class families due to which it directly affects the well-being of humans. It is beneficial for the students to highlight some solutions which are helpful to solve the issues of class difference.
  • Customs and traditions are other social factors that affect health and well-being. Moreover, culture and ethnicity can have both negative as well as positive effects on social welfare. The students can identify both the factors for presenting informative report content on health.

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Environmental factors affecting health and well-being

Along with the socio-economic factors, some environment-related issues can affect health and well-being.

  • Geographic location is a major issue that directly affects health. Poor location sites hurt the physical health and well-being of the service users.
  • Pollution is the primary concern that has become a common issue of well-being and health. In today’s time, it has become a necessity to apply practical solutions for controlling pollution. The students can identify those factors which help in reducing pollution like severe environmental problems.
  • People who work with different chemicals and other equipment are more prone to illness. It has become necessary to avoid such situations, which can affect the health and well-being of humans.

Physical factors affecting health and well-being

Such factors can impact social, physical, and psychological health and well-being among humans. It includes various conditions, diseases, and illness, along with:

  • The impact of genetically inherited conditions on welfare and social health varies from one individual to another. Along with it, the students get to know that the physical factors depend on the stage of development of the health condition.
  • Physical health problems can affect the opportunities for various leisure activities like it can lack individuals to become part of social interactions. The students can provide the solutions to solve the issues related to physical factors so that every individual gets a chance to put their point of view.
  • Aging is a common factor that affects health and well-being. Even aging affects both the physical and social health of the older person. At an old age, it becomes necessary to analyze the needs and requirements of the older person effectively.

Impact of physical health on psychological well-being

The students come to know that being healthy physically as well as mentally contributes to the mental well-being of any individual. However, if anyone is demotivated towards the living can have a negative impact on psychological well-being. Sometimes people are physically healthy, but they lack psychological well-being because of the negativity present around them.

The students of Ireland can make well-informed decisions to improve their social, emotional, and physical well-being comfortably. Along with it, the readers get informed about the positive aspects of living a healthy life after going through the report writing prepared by the students.

Moreover, report writing tasks on health and well-being enables the students to present their ideas at a high level and with a career platform as well. The factors highlighted by the students of Ireland during their task of report writings on health and well-being helps to provide the proper framework towards health. The statements in the report writings reflect the holistic approach to promote health and well-being among every human.

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