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Equipment and Caring Aids that are part of the Irish Healthcare Essay Sample Ireland

The Irish government spends hugely on its healthcare sector. There are many hospitals and clinics as well as other infrastructures that are part of such a sector. These sets of healthcare infrastructures in Ireland along with trained healthcare professionals are committed to delivering the best services to the customers seeking such services.

In this context, it is relevant to say that there is available a range of caring aids that are developed to enhance the quality of an Irish individual’s daily life. These aids incorporate hoists, lifts, incontinence aids, mobility aids, personal care equipment, and communication equipment.

Equipment and Caring Aids that are part of the Irish Healthcare Essay Example Ireland

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Hoists and lifts

There are two categories of patient hoists or lifts. These include sling lifts and sit-to-stand lifts. The sling lifts are designed to help patients who are immobile whether at their homes or inside a clinic or a hospital.

The objective of using the slings is to transfer patients from one resting place to another. There are floor-based slings as also overhead lifts that remain suspended from the ceilings.

On the contrary, sit-to-stand lifts are used to help patients with little mobility but who lack the strengths to stand up from a seated position. Various types of straps, slings, and belts are available for a variety of uses.

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There are several advantages of using the hoists and the lifts for the patients. These incorporate the prevention of bedsores. The lifts and the hoists also help the patients to enhance the quality of their respective lives.

They help the patients to remain in their respective home environments instead of in the hospitals. Besides, the hoists and the lifts are also beneficial to healthcare professionals.

The use of the instruments has resulted in the occurrence of low care worker’s injury claims, and care worker’s off days. The use of the instruments also resulted in a decrease in expenses related to patient handling injury.

Mobility aids

The mobility aids that are used as part of Irish healthcare help the patients to enjoy freedom in their homes safely and securely. As part of the mobility aids, there are walking aids, crutches, canes, and walkers for patients.

These mobility aids help the patients to deal with balancing issues and compensate for injury or weaknesses. These mobility aids are used in conjunction with mobility scooters and wheelchairs for those patients who have severe mobility problems.

Walkers that are utilized by patients help them to stand and the walkers are also known to furnish extra stability. These mobility devices also diminish the load exerted on the lower limbs. The wheelchair on the other hand allows the patients to go from one place to another in a seated position.

The wheelchairs that are used as part of Irish healthcare are either manual or battery operated. Both of these mobility aids are of immense help to healthcare professionals as they reduce the interventions that the patient needs.

Incontinence aids

There are various types of incontinence aids that are available for bladder or bowel incontinence issues. The incontinence aids incorporate pull-up pants, pads, pads for chairs, beds, penile sheaths, catheters as well as specially designed clothing.

The incontinence pads are worn beneath the underwear of the patients. There are incontinence aids that ensure that urine is drawn away from the patient’s body. There is another very popular incontinence aid and that is the penile sheath and it is very similar to that of a condom.

Personal caring aids

Apart from the caring aids and equipment that are discussed above, there are also personal caring aids. These aids incorporate nail clippers, aids to apply shampoo, lotion applicators, and toilet aids. Then there are the long-handed toenail clippers which are used mostly by patients who have issues in bending for clipping their toenails using some standard and common clippers.

The patients who are regular users of these personal caring aids (toenail clippers) include elderly people, fat women, overweight patients, and pregnant ladies. The shampooing rinse basins are used by patients who are bedridden to wash their hair.

Most of the personal-caring aids that are used by the patients are designed with the motive of reducing the risks of injuries to the health care professionals and the patients.

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Communication Aids

The Irish healthcare services also use various types of communication aids to facilitate the reading, gearing, and writing of the patients. For instance, magnifiers that are attached to headbands, and spectacles can serve as good communication aids.

These aids facilitate magnifying the text that is available in books, and printed documents and thereby help the patients to read them conveniently. Yet another communication aid that is widely used in Irish healthcare setups is personal sound amplifiers that help to amplify the sound emitted from a television or a radio device. This device helps the patients to listen to TV or radio devices properly.

For more information about the caring aids and related equipment visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

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