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CR6801 Trauma and Victimology Assignment Example Ireland

Students in Ireland often opt for courses such as Trauma and Victimology. The University College Cork in Ireland offers deserving students the option to study the course Trauma and Victimology (CR6801). The credit weighting associated with the course is 5. Different teaching methods are available for the students.

CR6801: Trauma and Victimology Assignment Sample Ireland

There are the 75-hour teaching programs and the 12-hour teaching programs and then the 30 hours teaching programs. The purpose of the course is to make the students and the learners understand the present-day issues, perspectives, and debates that are there in victimology.

In this context, it is relevant to say that victimology pertains to traumatized experiences. This is an assignment example that discusses the contents that are associated with this course. The write-up also discusses the learning outcomes that are related to this course.

Contents related to the course (Trauma and Victimology (CR6801))

This section of the assignment sample highlights the contents that are related to the course on Trauma and Victimology (CR6801).

  • The assignment sample allows the learners and the students to know about the history and also an overview of victimology in the introductory part of the course.
  • It also discusses the social reactions that the victims of crime in Ireland experience. Such reactions often include gender expectations, labeling of victims, and social norms.
  • There is a part within the course in the context that is dedicated to the understanding of the victims as also the Irish court systems.
  • The readers and the audience can also learn about the aftermaths of victimization in Ireland.
  • The course also discusses victims in contemporary social and cultural theories.
  • The learners and the students can also know about disasters and other causes of victimization in Ireland.
  • The learners can also know about the victims caused by political violence in Ireland.
  • The students in Ireland cal also know about the victimization of minorities, vulnerable groups, kids, and gender problems.
  • There is a chapter that is part of the course content that discusses the victim’s perpetrator complexes.
  • The students can also know about inter-generational transmissions of traumas.
  • The readers can also know about the trauma, and culture of the victims in Ireland.
  • The course also has contents on hierarchies and collectives of victimhood.

Know more about the course by visiting pertinent websites that are available on the web.

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Learning outcomes of Trauma and Victimology (CR6801) course

This section of the assignment sample portrays the various learning outcomes that are associated with the course on Trauma and Victimology (CR6801).

Candidates upon completion of the course in context will be able to know and understand the following things:-

Definition of Victimology

The students reading the course in context will be able to know about the definition of victimology. The definition can be put forth in this manner. Victimization is the study of the victims of crime within Ireland and it also discusses the psychological effects of victimization on the victims.

The course also helps the learners and the students to know how the concept of victimization has emerged and it also discusses important theoretical concepts related to victimization.

What are the sociological perceptions of trauma?

The course in context also helps the readers to comprehend the sociological perceptions of trauma.

In this context, it can be said that trauma is the outcome of disturbing and distressing events that overpowers an individual’s abilities to cope and it feels a sense of helplessness, diminishes the person’s self-esteem, and makes the person emotional and vulnerable. Read the course fully to know about the sociological perceptions of trauma.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of research on victimology

Research on victimology is a study or a survey that seeks information from a sample of the population about the crimes that they have faced over some time. There can be strengths and weaknesses of research in victimology. The course in context helps the audience and the readers to understand just that.

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Evaluate the social and personal implications of trauma for the Irish victims

Whenever a person is a victim of crime and is experiencing trauma then that person can experience emotional distress. This is often followed by the person withdrawing from his friends and family. The person becomes overprotective and stops participating in social activities.

The person can also face difficulty in managing or expressing emotions. The course on Trauma and Victimology (CR6801) helps the students and learners to know more about the social and personal implications of trauma for the Irish victims.

Discuss the complicated reality of victimizations in times of armed conflicts

There are different types of victimization that an Irish person may face during armed conflicts and such types include sexual harassment, stalking, physical assaults, theft, rape, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual touching, and domestic violence.

The course in context allows the students and the learners to know about the complicated reality of victimization in times of armed conflicts.

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