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Making Europe Climate Neutral By 2050 Essay Sample 

The following essay sample is written on the European Commission proposal for European Climate Law and its ways to achieve the climate-neutral target by 2050. It shall also discuss The European Climate Pact and Policies and European Green Deal for making Europe the first climate-neutral continent.

The European Commission has presented a proposal to introduce legislation for making Europe Climate Neutral by the year 2050. The year 2050 has been set as the target by The European Climate Law to make it predictable for everyone. European Climate Law shall make a legal target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Making Europe Climate Neutral By 2050 Essay Sample 

Public consultation shall be made on the future European Climate Pact. The institutions which are associated with European Union shall take appropriate measures to meet the national level target.

European Union has the ultimate goal of becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050 with the help of the European Green Deal. It has the vision for a climate-neutral target by 2050 along with the Paris agreement which has the objective of maintaining the global temperature at a particular level.

EU has an objective of achieving net-zero greenhouse gases and on 12th December 2019, European Council endorsed the Climate Neutral objective by the year 2050.

European Climate Law for Achieving Climate Neutral Target by 2050

The European Climate Law has devised many measures to track the progress and actions which are based on the existing systems of governance process for Climate Plans and The Member States National Energy. It includes the scientific evidence of climatic changes’ impacts on the environment.

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Any progress in climatic changes is being reviewed after every five years under the Paris Agreement.

We shall discuss the process by which The European Climate Law could achieve the climate-neutral target by 2050.

  • The European Commission will propose a new 2030 EU target for the prevention and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on the basis of a comprehensive assessment. The legislation can be amended after the completion of such an assessment.
  • By June 2021, Commission will make the necessary proposal to revise in achieving any additional reduction of emissions by 2030.
  • By the year 2023, EU Commission will assess the consistency of EU and national measures for the objective of achieving climate neutrality.
  • The 2050 EU greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced with the help of measures of progress and by providing predictability to public authorities, citizens, and businesses.
  • The member states will be needed to develop and implement the strategies of adaption to strength and resilience by reducing the effects of climatic changes.

European Climate Pact and Policies

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the European Climate Pact which helps the stakeholders and citizens in making new climate actions, sharing information, and launching new activities.

Such a public consultation will be useful in shaping the Climate Pact which will be launched before the UN Climate Change Conference that took place in November 2020 in Glasgow.

The Commission along with the various government regulations and policies started playing a significant role in the transition to a Climatic Neutral European Union. It shall work on the basis of assessments of the European Green Deal, Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, and Energy Taxation Directive.

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The European Green Deal for Making Europe the First Climate Neutral Continent 

The European Commission has presented a European Green Deal as a road map to represent the EU’s economic sustainability and climatic and environmental challenges which can be turned into opportunities by making them inclusive.

Such a European Green Deal can be made available to present the actions that can boost efficiency in using resources by helping in maintaining sustainability, stabilizing the economy and climatic changes by reducing pollution, and reversing the loss of biodiversity.

The European Commission has presented proposals of European Climate Law, Forest Strategy Post 2020, and Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

  • European Green Deal proposes to boost the competitiveness and by protecting the natural environment and biodiversity that can transit across the EU with the help of a circular economy action plan.
  • The goal is to reduce the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2030 by 50% at least. It will hence provide a way for the new legislation on building renovation, farming, innovation, and economy.
  • It is mainly created to make a carbon-neutral Europe a fair society. In this, the climate-proof buildings will have to reduce about 36% of carbon dioxide emissions to enhance the living conditions of the people.
  • European Green Deal has the goal to extend its arms toward different sectors of energy, food, transport, and construction which will help Europe to become the first climate-neutral bloc by 2050.
  • It shall also impose carbon tariffs on the countries which fail in curtailing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • This will help in increasing comfort by reducing indoor and outdoor pollution by making zero carbon buildings stock by 2030 with the help of environmental and social integration of renovation and construction practices.
  • It will also help in using digital technology to evolve construction practices and designs to improve lives effectively.

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The above-written essay sample is based on making Europe a climate-neutral continent by the year 2050.

Ecology and Environment QQI Level 6, Environmental Studies QQI Level 5, Applied Ecology QQI Level 5, Sustainable Development QQI Level 5 students can read and relate to this essay sample to gain better knowledge and understanding of topics of environment and ecology.

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