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SP1114 Politics and Sociology: Origins, Concepts, and Practice Assignment Sample NUIG Ireland

SP1114 Politics and Sociology: Origins, Concepts, and Practice is a course offered by The National University in Ireland, Galway. It is designed to introduce students to the interdisciplinary field of Politics and Sociology. The course covers the origins of political thought and the development of key concepts in political science, as well as sociological approaches to the study of power, social order, and conflict. In addition, the course explores the major debates surrounding the practice of politics and sociology today.

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In this section, we are describing some assigned activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Discuss what is meant by politics and sociology as academic disciplines and why both are interlinked.

Politics and sociology are academic disciplines that study the structures and functioning of societies. They both focus on the ways that power and authority are exercised in social institutions, and on the ways that social groups interact with each other.

Sociology is sometimes called the science of society because it uses scientific methods to study human behavior. Sociologists try to explain how society works by studying the behavior of individuals within groups. Social interaction is at the heart of what sociologists do.

Politics, on the other hand, is focused on practical decision-making about how societies should be governed. Politicians make decisions about public policies, which are laws or regulations that govern how people behave in a given society.  

Much of the time, politics and sociology are interlinked because the decisions that politicians make can have a big impact on society. For example, a decision to go to war can have major social consequences, such as an increase in crime or a decrease in economic activity. Similarly, a decision to raise taxes can affect the way people live their lives.

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Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the contribution of the classical and contemporary theorists of Sociology.

The classical theorists of Sociology, such as Emile Durkheim and Max Weber, believed that society was a system of interrelated parts that worked together to maintain order. They focused on how social institutions (such as religion and the family) shaped individual behavior.

Contemporary theorists, such as Pierre Bourdieu and Michel Foucault, have built on this work to explore how power dynamics shape social life. They argue that people are not just passive recipients of social institutions, but that they actively participate in reproducing them. This perspective has been influential in studies of gender and race relations.

Assignment Activity 3: Critique the main themes in Sociology.

Sociology is the study of human social behavior. It is a relatively new discipline that emerged in the 19th century in response to the industrial revolution and the growth of cities. The main themes in sociology are:

1) The social construction of reality. This theme explores how people create meaning out of their experiences, and how they use language to construct their view of the world.

2) The role of symbols and rituals in creating social cohesion. Symbols and rituals play an important role in creating a sense of shared identity and common purpose among social groups.

3) The power dynamics between different groups in society. Sociology investigates how power is distributed among different groups, and how that distribution changes over time.

4) The impact of social change on individuals and groups. Social change is a constant feature of human societies, and sociologists study how it affects the lives of people.

5) The relationship between society and the individual. This theme explores how individuals are shaped by the societies they live in, and how they in turn help to shape those societies.

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Assignment Activity 4: Analyse the ideas of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau.

Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau all had different ideas about a man in the state of nature. Hobbes believed that man was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short-lived. Locke believed that man was innately good and that society corrupted him. Rousseau believed that man was essentially good but became corrupted through society.

All three philosophers had different ideas about the social contract. Hobbes believed that the social contract was an agreement between men to give up some of their natural rights to live in peace and security. Locke believed that the social contract was an agreement between men to form a government to protect their natural rights. Rousseau believed that the social contract was an agreement by which men transferred all of their natural rights to the government.

All three philosophers also had different ideas about the role of government. Hobbes believed that government should have absolute power to keep people in line. Locke believed that government should only have limited power and that people should have the right to overthrow it if it became tyrannical. Rousseau believed that the government should be a direct democracy in which all people had an equal say.

Assignment Activity 5: Describe political ideologies ranging from Liberalism to Conservatism.

Political ideologies can be broadly defined as a set of beliefs or principles used to explain and justify a political system and its structure, procedures, and practices. They range from the more liberal end of the spectrum, which emphasizes individual rights and pluralism, to the more conservative end, which favors traditional values and hierarchical authority.

Within this broad spectrum, several different ideologies fall somewhere in between these two extremes. For example, classical liberalism stresses individual liberty and limited government intervention, while social conservatism prioritizes family values and traditional morality. Numerous other ideologies exist outside of this mainstream continuum, such as anarcho-capitalism or environmentalism.

In general terms, liberalism favors personal autonomy and civil liberties, while conservatism upholds hierarchical authority and social order. Liberalism also tends to be more supportive of capitalism, while conservatism is typically associated with traditionalism and statism. However, there are many different variants of each ideology, and these simplified definitions should not be taken as definitive.

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