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Essay Sample on Adult needs

Adulthood is a stage that arrives right after the childhood stage. This stage is mainly divided into the early, middle, and late adulthood periods. Every stage of human life has different needs, along with some responsibilities.

The needs of an adult could be physical, mental, social, and spiritual in nature. Normally, young adults do not need any external support to survive in life, but their dependency on others gradually increases as they get old. The late adulthood stage needs the utmost care than the rest of the early stages of adulthood in life.

Essay Sample on Adult needs

Physical needs of an adult

An adult female or male both has physical needs as they start growing old with time. A lot of physical changes take place in an adult body in comparison to his early days. Physical health starts declining early, but the notice is too slow. Women go through menopause from 45 to 55, which also deteriorates physical health impacting their mental health. It may sometimes cause depression and anxiety in them.

  • Adults from the age of 18 to 64 need to include any form of physical activity in their daily regime. It should be an intense workout in the form of aerobic and cardio exercises. This takes care of their overall body or heart health and mind as it helps achieve a hormonal balance.
  • Every adult requires a nutritious meal regularly to improve their physical health. They need a daily dose of all vital nutrients and minerals in their food, vegetables, fruits, etc. An increase in water intake can improve the skin, and digestive system and also prevents you from various illness. If one could get vitamins and minerals directly from food, that is the best thing, but in case they can’t, then they can rely on supplements. Adequate nutritious food increases strength and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Adequate sleep is also very much important for an adult as it enhances his mood and mental peace. It increases the productivity of an adult at their workplace and also improves mental health and stamina.

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Benefits of meeting the physical needs of an adult

When all the physical needs of an adult are fulfilled, it leads to a low mortality rate, coronary heart disease, and low blood pressure. It avoids strokes, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, depression, and anxiety.

It also ensures less risk of hip or vertebral fracture. It improves bone health and the risk of fewer injuries.

It regulates a healthy weight of an adult and a healthy body mass and composition.

Emotional needs of an adult

Adults getting an education away from parents and the home city goes through a lot of emotional turbulence as it creates a sense of independence and responsibility in them. Afterward, adults learn new skills in their jobs. They face job pressure and a huge competency in the job market, thereby impacting his emotional health as they need emotional support in this phase of life. Any loss of a job or losing a loved one or a failed relationship could cause a high level of stress, anxiety, and depression. Their relationship with family and spouse may also change due to workload and pressure impacting their mental health and emotional growth.

Meditation, yoga, exercises, and nutritious food could help them balance their emotional health and mind.

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Social needs of an adult 

An adult moves from one phase of their life to another, creating his sociological needs and other needs. Getting married and having their own family creates responsibilities and requires decision-making skills. They need to accept their partner and this phase requires more emotional maturity to handle relationships. Social acceptance in society and creating social relationships with colleagues, co-workers, and friends are also important aspects of social life. Starting a job requires developing skills that make many personal relationships of our formal in nature (ex. friends).

Spiritual needs of an adult 

Spiritual need is mostly seen in older adult groups as they retire. Acceptance of their beliefs, faith, and a particular religious ideology by society could help them. Community prayers and religious sessions must be specially organized for old-age adults. They must not feel left out or not involved in various social events. One must be called for attending programs, and spiritual events, and their thoughts should not remain unaddressed.

If an older adult is admitted to the hospital, the nursing staff and doctors must take care of their spiritual needs and physical health.

A high level of meditation, visiting religious places, and meeting new people could help them attain spiritual needs. Learning new things about religious practices and spirituality could help them attain their spiritual goals.

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