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National and International Social policy impact on Child well-being – Sample Essay

The Department of Children and Youth brings together various significant areas of policy that are helpful for children’s well-being. The national and international social policy mainly focuses on the critical issues that affect children.

The main objective of implementing national guidelines for children’s well-being is to promote child welfare and protection, early childhood care, and children’s participation in social activities. Irish students need to identify different ways through which the development of a child can be promoted. Moreover, if the students are not able to prepare a practical assignment on their own, then they can take help from professional essay writers.

National and International Social policy impact on Child well-being - Sample Essay

The national policy framework for children’s well-being motivates children’s decision-making and youth justice. The national social policy establishes a shared set of outcomes not only for Irish children but for young people as well. International social policies reflect that children should be active and healthy with mental and physical well-being.

The consequences are beneficial to make the child independent for achieving their full potential in the efficient areas of learning. All government departments, community sectors, and statutory services work towards the social policy framework for child well-being. The students can ask to do my assignment to the team of expert writers.

How does national and international social policy impact children’s well-being?

  • The national strategy for children who participate in decision-making identifies some priority areas for action. By identifying critical points, it is helpful to promote children learning and well-being:
  • It is essential to focus on deficits in children’s lives which include poverty, lack of income, insufficient educational choices, and lack of opportunity. It becomes efficient to recognize such factors and portray positive aspects for promoting child development.
  • Every child should grow in such families with supportive services, access to sufficient resources, and proper childcare. From traditional to new domains, it is essential to focus on children’s interests so that they can live a better life.
  • The national social policy helps almost every family to access childcare services that are appropriate to the needs and circumstances of their children. Thus, social policy has a significant impact on children’s well-being.

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Why is it essential to promote children’s well-being?

CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) brings together children’s social, economic, political, and cultural rights. The rights defined in the CRC section are efficient for the development as well as the dignity of the child. The understanding of child well-being reflects the multidimensional nature of children’s life. It becomes essential to promote physical well-being, cognitive well-being, emotional and behavioral development, and a sense of social justice.

Children are the future of the nation, and if they are not able to assess proper resources in early childhood, then they cannot develop positive minds. Various social factors contribute to the well-being of the child. When the child participates in social activities, they promote learning new skills and understanding of the world. It is beneficial for the child to let them explore new things and make new friends which is essential for behavioral development.

Sample assignment on social policy impact on children’s well-being

Title: What are the main elements of children’s well-being?

There are specific domains highlighted by national and international social policies for children’s well-being. It includes economic resources, stable relationships, proper childcare, work, and high participation, health, community and environment, and democratic values. All such domains seek to capture the main components of children’s well-being. Income, poverty, and deprivation are indicated as economic resources, and social policy reflects some ways to overcome such issues.

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